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Great concept for nail polish addicts like me! I have been a monthly subscriber with Julep for over a year. If you saw my nail polish collection you would probably run, just like my last boyfriend did when he saw it. First of all, Julep works best when you use their base coat, top coat and their wand stick brush to apply the polish. The brushes in the bottle are too big and I find that I make a huge mess. I love using the wand because it is smaller. Second of all, I have fallen in love with many of their colors. One was black with glitter and had a "stardust" (matte) finish. I probably applied it only three dif times and that was the end of the bottle. This happens with a lot of their polishes. I am always running out of the base and top coats. Third of all, if you are a member-you can swap out polishes. If you don't like what they have for the month of October, you can go to their website and pick something else. You can also get free items by purchasing additional products, and you earn Jules Reward Points (which of course I have taken advantage of-and received A LOT of free nail polish). Fourth, I can never get the polish to stay perfect for longer than a week. To me, this is a good thing. Doing my nails is actually a calming technique I use when I am stressed (which happens to be more than the average person). So I like that I get to do my nails every week and experiment with different colors AND different finishes like "stardust" "shimmer" "pearl" or "chrome". I LOVE that the names of the polishes are actual FEMALE names-so if a friend's birthday is coming up, I always try to look for their name-and most of the time I can find it and purchase it! Overall-I am a huge fan. And on a side note-they don't just sell polish. Makeup, tools, cleansers, etc. However, I know I can't be a lifetime member. I getting more into gel polishes lately.

If you want to join, here is my referral http://refer.julep.com/v2/share/6215611066589297607! I have been a Julep Maven for almost 3 years. The best thing for me is that you can opt out each month if you aren't feeling the selections or don't have it in your budget, makes it the perfect subscription. They also have occasional special months, where you get a free polish, which is a nice perk. You also get a nice discount in the shop. They have a jules system, which isn't bad, for each box you do take you get 300 jules at 2000 you can get a free box. The polish itself is very nice. They have a wide brush, and the color selections are out of site. I really enjoy it.

Can't go wrong with Julep. These polishes are so good!!!

Love these polishes, i have a few, and the colors are amazing, especially the glitter polishes

I have a love hate relationship with Julep nail polishes. I am not a monthly subscriber, so the price that I pay is typically $14 a bottle, and I would like to make clear that their bottle are a tad smaller in terms of mL than the average bottle of nail polish. The difference that I observe between Julep's polishes vs. OPI, Sally Hansen and the likes is that the latter group I find are usually a hit or miss, while with Julep I always get what I expect - good quality. That being said, I don't feel like the polish is any significant improvement over a 'hit' bottle from another brand. Color, shine, longevity, etc. are just as good as the best bottle of OPI. They supposedly have some special oxygen thing going on that's said to help with nail health, but I honestly have no idea what that's all about. They do have a good variety of interesting colors always coming out and if you're into this type of thing, a lot of the polishes are vegan/vegetarian and not tested on animals, which is clearly marked on each bottle, but I have received some that don't have such marking, and the site doesn't say. I have not tried a top or base coat from them before.

I do enjoy this nail polish but I have never been able to buy this polish in stores which is a huge downer. The nail polish goes on great and dries in a good amount of time. But I have always had to buy it online and then you have to pay shipping which isn't great.

i love julep polishes. They have different varieties of good colours.

I love the option colors. It dried pretty fast. And it's super shiny

great polish nails are shiny last a long time love the way they look

I like Julep polishes. Sure, some can be thick, but that isn't anything a little thinner won't fix. I usually get pretty good wear out of all the ones I have. They can be a little pricey if you aren't a maven, but they have coupons quite often.

*EXTENDED REVIEW* Coupon FREEBOX gets first box free, here: http://www.julep.com/rewardsref/index/refer/id/229386/ I was hooked on Julep because they offered the first box free. I have been receiving Julep boxes (on those months that I opt in, anyway) for almost a whole year now, and I'm still a big fan, mostly thanks to the fantastic quality of the polish, the ease with which you can cancel a box, and the variety of colors. -- -- -- -- -- Julep is advertised as being "4-free": no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, or DBP. Butter London, a comparable product, is priced at 15.00 for a .4oz bottle. In the Maven boxes, Julep polishes come out to 6.63 for a .27oz bottle. Making Julep about 24.55/oz and Butter 37.50/oz. In practice, every Julep polish I've tried has lasted at least a week (nearly all of them closer to 1.5 or 2 weeks) without (or with minimal) chipping, compared to the Butter polishes I've tried that can't seem to last more than three days without peeling or flaking off in large chunks. In other words: Julep is better. -- -- -- -- -- Another great thing about the Julep subscription is the ability to cancel a box. There's a decently sized window in which to choose which box you'd like (yes, you are initially assigned a box based on your quiz, but you aren't held to it and can change each month based on which box you want), add any extras, and/or choose to skip the month. There's no fee to skip, and if you then decide you want it after all, you can opt back in. -- -- -- -- -- Another great feature of the subscription is the Jules: for subscribing, you receive 100 Jules, and then 300 Jules for every box you choose to purchase after that - 750 if you pay for the monthly upgrade. On your birthday, you get 200 Jules, and once you've been a member for a year (not buying every box, just being a member) you get 500 Jules. Also, for each friend you refer who buys a box, you get 1000 Jules. (Now would probably be the time to share my referral link: http://www.julep.com/rewardsref/index/refer/id/229386/ ). You can use Jules to pay for boxes (2000 Jules per monthly box) or add-ons (750 Jules per polish, slightly less - between 500 and 650 - for things like polish remover pads, nail files, or decals). -- -- -- -- -- And speaking of add-ons: if you don't get a nail file with your first box (I think I did, but I don't remember), you might want to think about getting one. The Julep files are really nice, about six inches long and quite thick, with one side a finer grit than the other. I've had the same board for the whole time I've been subscribed, and it shows virtually no signs of wear despite fairly frequent use. -- -- -- -- -- Finally, my last favorite thing about the service - and also, the one thing I sometimes have trouble with: there are a TON of colors. I have 42 Julep polishes, and not a single one is identical. HOWEVER. There are a couple (literally, two of the 42) that are disappointing in their opacity. The solution, however, is as simple as putting down a lightly colored base coat. -- -- -- -- -- Oh, and that reminds me of another thing I love about Julep polishes: they have swatch stickers. Because, as we know, polishes don't always look the same in the bottle as they do out. Nearly all Julep bottles (34/42) have stickers on top that allow you to swatch the color inside. The rectangular cap comes off of the wand handle (glad I learned that) so you can swatch onto the cap's sticker and then allow it to dry. Of the eight I have that are without stickers, three have metallic caps, and one is actually the oxygen nail treatment, which is a pale pink neutral that isn't intended for use as a polish. I've found that my more recent polishes have all had "swatch me" stickers, except for the free Valentine's day polish I received in February, which had a metallic cap. Also; "swatch me" stickers are available for purchase or as an add on with your box, if you want more for Julep polishes or your other polishes at home. -- -- -- -- -- Long review, but I had a lot to say! I'm still a huge fan of Julep even though it's been almost a year. While I have skipped months due to lack of funds or disinterest in offered products, I have yet to be disappointed by anything I've ordered. And if the only downside is price (though the quality makes up for it) and the occasional disappointing color (less than 5% of the colors I've received), it really seems worth the risk. -- -- -- -- -- If you want to reward me for the massive amount of time I just spent writing this review (and I'd appreciate it), and/or if you're interested in trying out Julep, please use my referral link: http://www.julep.com/rewardsref/index/refer/id/229386/

I love nail polishes. The only problem I would always have was that they wouldnt stay on too long. But as soon as Julep has emerged I don't have to worry about it anymore. On average Julep nail polish stays on my nails for 5-6 days!! It is a little expensive buying Julep nail polish seperately, but I recommend signing up for their monthly subscription box and becoming Julep Maven. Also check out this offer: Julep: Receive free Just Dew It set, including Mask Noir, Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil, and Moisture Mask Trio ($75 value) with orders $35 or more. To receive free gift, add Just Dew It to your shopping bag in addition to $35+ of other products. Expires on 01/19/2014.

Love juleps products. There nail polishes last forever. The colors are great and there are many of them to choose from. I get a box every month with great products. The shine is a high shine to.

I am addicted to julep products!!!

I tried Julep nail polish, it was a light shade of blue called Jessica, was not thrilled with it. After 2 coats its was still streaky. For the price its not the best product out there. It lasted about 5 days and then started to chip off. The color was nice though.