Jorge Cruise The Belly Fat Cure

Jorge Cruise The Belly Fat Cure

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Been on this for two months...lost 3lbs the first week, since I only had 10 lbs to lose, I did not expect to lose that much...followed it consistently and the second week was up a 1.5...depressed at that, then weighed again two weeks later, was down 2 lbs, total of 5.5 lbs lost in a month...good for me...still strict on it, weighed again two weeks later and up 1 lb, back to 4.5 lbs...Needless to say, I should continue to lose every week and not keep going up and down staying in the same 5 lb range loss! I exercise (walk at least 12 miles a week) too and have never deviated from the foods. I may have lost inches somewhere, but I still have the belly fat! One thing I can say for this is that it does take all cravings for sweets and salty food away the very next day after starting it. And, for that I stick with more eating after dinner or looking for something sweet or salty to eat in bed later! After two month this may have broken that bad habit.