Jolly Pets Jolly Ball

Jolly Pets Jolly Ball

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Perfect for large dogs The only you that stood up to the jaws of my over zealous Doberman. Lasted 2 years almost, before it deflated, even then he still loved it and couldn't chew off pieces.

BUY IT I'd give 20 stars if I could - the ONLY toy to survive our pit bull -

Our black lab mix really enjoys this ball! It is fun to throw and watch it bounce in all different directions. It is a great workout. We used it as an outside toy so he only had it when we played outside and it is still ok a year later.

My dog had a lot of fun with this toy while it lasted. He is a Shepherd and destroyed it soon after getting it. This toy made him very happy, but I wish it lasted longer.

This was a good toy for my Dobie (Doberman Pischer). While it lasted, I'm not sure how he did it, but he eventually chewed it to almost nothing. With that comment, my Dobie has a stronger jaw than most, so I would recommend this to anyone who's dog wasn't constantly exercising his/her jaw muscles all the time.

A year ago I got my Black Lab a Jolly Ball with rope from Pet Smart. She has played with the ball and shredded it for the past year. It was the best $25.00 I spent on a dog toy. This year for her 2nd B-Day I got her another one, this time we got the one with a handle. She carries it all over the house and in 2 weeks time she has chewed the handle off. I don't think that this one is going to last a year let alone 6 months. This one was only $16.00, I am not sure if it is a different type of plastic/rubber and that is why it is cheaper and not as tuff.