Join us for the @POWERADE #JustAKidFrom Twitter Party w/ @SheSpeaksUp 3/10 at 9pm ET

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 03.07.16
Join us for the @POWERADE #JustAKidFrom Twitter Party w/ @SheSpeaksUp 3/10 at 9pm ET

There is potential in all of us.  No matter what you achieve in life, you start in the same place as everyone else:  as a kid full of potential and big dreams.  At the end of the day, we are all “just a kid” from somewhere.  Every athlete has the potential to achieve greatness through hard work and playing sports can be a transformative experience.  Join us for the POWERADE® #JustAKidFrom Twitter Party to celebrate overcoming obstacles and supporting young athletes on Thursday, March 10 at 9pm ET.

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Twitter Party Details:
When: Thursday, March 10 at 9pm ET
Where: Twitter – follow hashtag #JustAKidFrom
Panelists: @genofsavings, @brettbmartin, @theitmom, @ahelicoptermom, @stacieinatlanta, @philzendia, @SueRodman
Twitter Party Topic:
Sports have a major impact on our communities. Whether it’s t-ball or the pros, every athlete in every league has a story waiting to be told. We’re talking about how we support the athletes in our lives to achieve their full potential. We’ll tell you more about the “Just a Kid” campaign from POWERADE and a special offer you can get at Walmart!

Twitter Party Prizes*:
We’re giving away Walmart gift cards and custom limited edition “Just a Kid” T-shirts, total prize value is over $500!

To get started, click here to Tweet: “Join me at the @POWERADE #JustAKidFrom Twitter Party w/ @SheSpeaksUp Thurs 3/10 at 9pm ET”


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  • sweetmatcha By sweetmatcha

    My little one was very clumsy and always fell down, now that i put her in a gymnastics class, she feels more confident and likes to run around with the bigger kids and climb higher than she's ever have!

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