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Join Our #SheSpeaksEggHunt for the Best Chocolate Egg & Win Chocolates from Our Favorite!

Join Our #SheSpeaksEggHunt for the Best Chocolate Egg & Win Chocolates from Our Favorite!

'Tis the season to dye eggs blue and green, hide them in the yard and send eager kids out to find them before they crack.

But why should kids have all the fun? This year, it's our turn!

We embarked on our own #SheSpeaksEggHunt in search of the best chocolate egg. There were a crazy amount of choices, but we persisted, testing various eggs in all flavors and sizes. Forget that diet, we had a serious job to do!

Read on to find our favorites, and then tell us yours for the chance to win a variety of chocolates from the company that makes our taste-test winner (hint: their egg has a yolk inside!)


Regular Candy, in Egg Shapes

We won't argue that M&M's Eggs, Twix Eggs, York Peppermint Patties Eggs, Nestle's Crunch Eggs and Butterfinger Eggs are not delicious. Because they are. But they are basically just the regular candies shaped into egg form. Yes, we'd eat them, but they just aren't unique enough to win any awards.

Peanut Butter Eggs

So many brands make a peanut butter egg nowadays. But Reese's is still the classic. The flat chocolate egg is like a Reese's peanut butter cup without the brown wrapper. And their Reese's Pieces eggs may even taste better than the regular Reese's Pieces, which we can't get enough of. This year, they came out with a candy called the Reese's Peanut Butter Creme Egg. We had high hopes for this new version but nothing beats the original.

Same Egg, Different Flavor

Lots of companies take their classic candy and turn it into endless varieties. The tastes are really just a personal preference. For example: Russell Stover. Yes, we enjoy the classic Marshmallow Egg covered in Milk Chocolate. But they now make egss in more than 25 flavors, everything from Vanilla Creme to Cookie Dough to Mango Whip. There were so many choices, we couldn't try them all. (We'd rather do that with their giant heart sampler on Valentine's Day!)

High-End Eggs

We tried a few of the adult-targeted eggs, made from higher end chocolate brands like Ghirardelli and Lindt. We could definitely taste a difference. The chocolate filling in the Lindt Lindor egg was rich and creamy. The Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Toffee Eggs were crispy and flavorful. And the Hazlenut Ferraro eggs were a sophisticated blend of crispy with a creamy hazelnut filling. We enjoyed these candies immensely - they were more appropriate to savor with a glass of red wine than to give our kids a sugar high.



Yes, Cadbury gets a category all it's own, thanks to perennial favorites which come out only once a year. While the Creme Egg is somewhat divisive, we love it for the balance of chocolate and sweet. It's gooey but fun to eat. We also appreciate the Mini Cadbury Creme Eggs since they are less messy and taste just as delicious. You also can't go wrong with Cadbury's Mini Eggs, which are like bigger, crispier M&Ms. We can down a whole bag in one sitting. But we didn't love their other egg varieties: Oreo, Chocolate Creme or Caramel, which were too sweet for us, and let's face it, can not compete with the original.

And the winner is...

It was supremely hard to decide on our favorite chocolate egg, but we have to pick the Cadbury Creme Egg for it's delicious chocolate-sweet balance and the memories it evokes. Plus, it's the only egg  we would could find with a yolk! The Lindt Lindor MIlk Chocolate egg was a surprising runner-up - even our kids could appreciate the high quality of this one.

Do you agree? What's your favorite chocolate egg? Tell us in the comments below to win a Cadbury chocolate gift basket!

There are two ways to enter:

Simply comment below and tell us what your favorite chocolate egg or other holiday treat is.


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  • SusanHN By SusanHN

    I agree - I love that Cadbury Creme Egg and look forward to it every year!

  • jterrock By jterrock

    Peanut Butter Eggs are the BEST!!! Yum!!!

  • melanietheresa By melanietheresa

    Those Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs are the best, though the Cadbury Creme Eggs come in a very close second.

  • rosie5893 By rosie5893

    I think Cadbury mini eggs are my favorite.

  • tango7 By tango7

    Agree!! Those are soooooo good!!

  • Carebare128 By Carebare128

    I love Them all especially any eggs filled with caramel.

  • takgirl14 By takgirl14

    My favorite chocolate Easter egg candies are Cadbury cream eggs and Russell Stover eggs. Both remind me of being a kid. I always got RS eggs in my baskets. I just wish it was easier to find those 25 flavors! I had no idea they made so many! I only got 4 flavors this year

  • lilang By lilang

    Cadbury eggs. I love to freeze them and then suck the centers out =-) I share this love with my dad and son and we have some fun memories of making faces while eating them.

  • Jujubee777 By Jujubee777

    I love cadbury eggs!

  • Gjprasad By Gjprasad

    I love the little coconut chocolate nest with the jelly beans in the middle.

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