Johnsonville Bratwurst Patties

Johnsonville Bratwurst Patties

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i love johnsonvile brats! Theyre always a crowd pleaser in my household< we love them

Flat Brats are better. I like Jonhsonville brats. But I like these patties even more because they stay put in a bun.

We grill these. Such great flavor. Pork is good anyway . That was a great idea for the company to start making the patties so you can grill them.

Yummu Johnsonville sausage patties are so tasty. I eat them on a Kaiser roll with fried peppers and onions.

These are great! Perfect for a quick and easy dinner.

Johnsonvi,le makes the best bratwurst hands down! My favorite!

I did not care to much for the way it tasted

So darn good!

I love all things Johnsonville. They're very versatile and always have a recipe included so it makes my job easier when it comes to dinner time.

These are so good even my son likes them, and he doesn't usually eat anything like this. I bought them per his request and we all liked them a lot. I make them quite often for dinner since everyone can agree on this for dinner.

When I first saw these I though they looked strange and was worried they woudn't taste like a regular brat. We bought some for a party we had, everyone thought they were hamburgers at first and when I told them they were brat patties they were intrigued because no one had ever heard of them. They are so good! I would rather eat these than a regualr brat. We didn't have any left.

Growing up with my mom, who had grown up in Germany, was very different than most of my friends families. She use to go to a German Deli where we use to live, and come home with some very "interesting" and "different" food for us to try. Now that I am the mom, I have followed in as many traditions as possible. Johnsonville has helped me to do just that! My whole family loves the Johnsville Brats! Either the patties or the sausages. I cook them many different ways, that I had learned from my mother. I would have to say that their most favorite way is to grill them, plop them on a bun with some mustard and then they go to town!! They don't want a side dish... they want to be able to eat as many of the brats as they can!

Johnsonville is so unique in many ways. their product are top notch in flavor and taste. this company has made it very easy to throw spur of the minute meals together. They are also the answer to " What am I going to make" when last minute company arrives. The " Johsonville Sausage Burger and Bratwurst Burger " are perfect. There were 4 of us for dinner so I cooked 1 box of each, thinking they would shrink and everyone could have 2 ( 1 of each ). I was so surprised to see how big each burger was and how little shrinkage when cooked. These burgers so so flavorful and unique, who would have thought a bratwurst on a round bun. I served the Italian burgers with fresh grilled sweet red and green peppers, topped with carmelized grilled onions. I served the Brat burgers with homemade sauerkraut, chili and onions. these products were the talk of the party !!