Johnson's No More Tangles Spray Detangler

Johnson's No More Tangles Spray Detangler

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With four daughters we have every hair type. From long and thin to short and thin/fine. And all of them hate tangles. This is a great product and save us from a crying meltdown and allow us to get to school on time and in a good mood. LOL!! It also is helpful when the not so experienced dad goes for the hair brush. Thanks a bunch for a product that actually works.

My mom used this detangler in my hair when I was younger and then I used it with kids when I was a nanny. It is great at getting tangles out without pulling on the scalp.

I use to have very long hair and its extremely thick. I used this all the time because my hair was so hard to brush though, but a couple sprays of this and it was a breeze. This worked great

I love it. I use it in my hair, which is very long and somewhat fine. It really helps to keep my hair as healthy as possible since it allows me to comb my hair without pulling it all out! My mom used this on me and when I have kids, you can bet I'll use it on them. I haven't had any issues with greasiness (and I have oily skin) or film while using it. I can only imagine the product to cause problems if too much is used, but I haven't ever had to use too much. Just enough to spray over the whole head lightly and my comb slides through like butta :).

The ONLY thing that works on my daughter's hair!

My daughter has really long fine hair and it always just seemed to me that when she woke up in the mornings her hair was litterally like a Rats Nest..Lol..And when I used the product it didnt work for US (doesnt mean it wont work for others) and it also made her hair look and feel oily.