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  • EricaD By  EricaD    

    Many Uses

    We've always used this for kids (and dogs!) because it's so gentle - I've never seen it irritate anyone's skin, even if they're sensitive. I still keep a bottle around now for when we need something gentle - it's even good for cleaning makeup brushes. I honestly don't love the smell, though I realize I'm probably in the minority there.

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    Johnson's Head To Toe Foaming Wash is so gentle and easy to rinse away. It is great to add in a baby shower gift basket.

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  • samanthalynn775 By  samanthalynn775    

    Love it!

    Great product! My children love this wash and it works great. Leaves them smelling so fresh and clean.

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  • sammie01 By  sammie01    

    honestly I love anything Johnson and I love foam products so I fell in love right away! it feels nice on my sons skin and my!!

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  • Andiee By  Andiee    

    Works wonders

    This baby wash is sooo convenient when your little ones may not enjoy the bath so much! its simple an easy to use an the product smells amazing an works wonders on our childrens skin

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  • Msalas27 By  Msalas27    


    I love this product . Having a foam body wash is so convenient. Especially with children. It?s a great formula to use of kids with sensitive skin.

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  • Jwyatt2328 By  Jwyatt2328    

    Perfect for baby skin

    Love this product, gentle on skin, leaves skin smooth and smell great. NO tears is a huge plus!

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  • Jen0824 By  Jen0824    

    Love this product, gentle on skin, leaves skin smooth and smell great.

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  • Peggypeg By  Peggypeg    

    Great product! Safe to use on my 5 month old and 4 year old.

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  • rgjaking By  rgjaking    

    Smells great and leaves babies skin smooth and clean.

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  • sweetmonkey8577 By  sweetmonkey8577    

    Smells great and gentle on your precious little ones skin.

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  • mjsmartie By  mjsmartie    

    Very Gentle and does not make my child cry-LOVE IT!!

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  • Crystalsmith28 By  Crystalsmith28    

    LOVE! Smells great and makes my babies skin super soft!

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  • prettygal By  prettygal    

    so soft and gentle on the skin. ''no more tears''

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  • StephHarder By  StephHarder    

    Love this product! Use It on My Son everynight, Makes Him Smell Great too!

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