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  • britneeolivares By  britneeolivares    

    We use this every night for bath time before bed! It smells great and helps calm them down for the end of the day!

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  • Terrachristine By  Terrachristine    

    All around great product

    I?ve tried other brands of the lavender smell and none others smell as good as this one nor apply as good as this one. Would highly recommend this Johnson and Johnson bedtime bath lotion to anyone with the baby.

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  • Sugums By  Sugums    

    Love the smell of this soap, seems to help calm my baby down before bedtime too.

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  • Sugums By  Sugums    

    Love the smell of this soap, seems to help calm my baby down before bedtime too.

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  • RachelG474 By  RachelG474    

    Love it! A must for babies and toddlers!

    I love this scent and it always calms down my toddler before bedtime! He is a very active little one and this really enhances that relaxing mood! I would recommend to any Mother or Father!

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  • Angelgisel By  Angelgisel    

    my review

    Smells very good &? will have your baby skin feeling real soft, highly recommend !

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  • alyssa_c_123 By  alyssa_c_123    

    Doesn't work for seriously dry baby

    Smells great, but for babies with seriously dry skin, this isn't going to cut it. Unfortunately, both of my babies had to use unscented lotions. I was so sad, because we loved how they smelled with this! Such a gentle, soothing scent.

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  • AnaleyahsMommy0711 By  AnaleyahsMommy0711    


    Used this for bathtime before bed & I loved it because my babygirl was usually fast asleep afterwards. Nice scent & puts baby in a more relaxed mood in my opinion.

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  • MandyKaye By  MandyKaye    

    Smells wonderful

    This lotion smells just like a cute sleepy baby should. It smells light and relaxing. It is a long lasting scent. The lotion is a nice light non-sticky consistency. It has a nice cool white color. I think that this lotion is very effective. It keeps your baby feeling soft and smooth. It leaves your hands feeling nice and soft also.

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  • Amandaorozco By  Amandaorozco    

    Wonderful Product!!

    I love this product! I love the smell and the calming of the product. My 3 year old daughter was having a hard time calming down before bedtime. I found this at the local store and it works wonderfully for her. I put it on her after her bath time and helps in a couple minutes. I have already recommended this product to my first time mothers that are having the same problem.

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  • dannyjeanne By  dannyjeanne    

    Soothing for little ones

    This is great for soothing little ones before bed. Love the bubble bath too!

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  • jodihunter By  jodihunter    

    Not Just For Babies

    I do not have a baby, but I use this at night and it has such a calming scent, I love it and you will too.

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  • LeoGirl0805 By  LeoGirl0805    

    Miracle sleep lotion

    I absolutely adore this lotion. When my stepdaughter started sleeping in her own big girl bed, she had trouble calming down and relaxing. However, this lotion helped to soothe her and get ready for bed time. I can't live without it!

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  • icedteaandsunshine By  icedteaandsunshine    

    Johnson's Lotion

    Smells amazing and it is moisturizing and soft. I love the texture and the baby type of smell. Your baby will smell good all day!

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  • ima_lil_galaxy By  ima_lil_galaxy    


    You can trust J&J baby. This smells like comfort and care for mom and infant. I loved this lotion for my little one. She could also rub her eyes without worry of stinging with this lotion. It's my personal favorite, you should use it until they sleep through the night to ease yourself too 😌

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