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  • mccloudlace By  mccloudlace    

    First I must say I love to have my kids smelling awesome , and the fact that it has natural products they will benefit my childs sensative skin is a plus IT SMELLS SO GOOD LOVE THE FACT THEY CAME OUT WITH NEW INGREDIENTS

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  • tiah3813 By  tiah3813    

    Johnson's shea and cocoa butter lotion

    I have 5 children and this is my go to product on them. It smells great and works wonders. It leaves the skin so soft that even i use it. I love this product!

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  • evilynice By  evilynice    

    I use anything with she a butter and cocoa butter so when I saw they had not only this lotion but the shampoo as well, I immediately bought them. j&j is a brand I have always trusted. Both the lotion and the shampoo smell great and it helped my son shed his newborn skin really quick.

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  • monaespeaks16 By  monaespeaks16    


    I love this one a lot even for my 9 year old his skin takes to it well this is all he can use

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    Not only do I love Johnsons baby lotion, but when they came out with Shea and Cocoa butter I was ecstatic! It has the great quality of any Johnsons product but smells amazing!

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  • Wendy924 By  Wendy924    

    Johnson's lotion is great for baby & Mom. Gentle enough for baby's skin & also works to keep Mom's skin soft for that tender touch.

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  • vintage1832 By  vintage1832    

    This is the only kind of soap I could use or else I will break out in a rash on my face. It's very gentile and does not leave my face feeling stiff.

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  • StephHarder By  StephHarder    

    I love this lotion! Works great on my son's dry skin! Use everynight before bed!

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  • simbalala By  simbalala    

    Love this lotion. Smells great and skin feels soft...

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  • Sheba1 By  Sheba1    

    Really helps keep my skin soft and gentle enough to use every day.

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  • laurita By  laurita    

    I like to use Johnson's baby lotion to keep my skin soft..

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  • butterflykisses24 By  butterflykisses24    

    I love using this lotion on my daughter! It leaves her soft skin soft and smelling so so good!

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  • ashleywoods4 By  ashleywoods4    

    When my daughter's cheeks were chapped and wind blown, I applied a small portion to the affected area and it was cleared up by the next morning. After that, I began using it for my own dry patches and it works better than any of the expensive creams I have purchased over the years. Never again will I waste money on department store lotions!

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  • aholt27 By  aholt27    

    We all use this lotion in our house, grown up and baby alike! It is never greasy, and smells great!!!

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  • Oksana2 By  Oksana2    

    Best baby lotion ever! We use this for both our son and daughter (Ages 4 yrs and 4 months)

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