Johnson's  Baby Lotion Shea & Cocoa Butter

Johnson's Baby Lotion Shea & Cocoa Butter

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First I must say I love to have my kids smelling awesome , and the fact that it has natural products they will benefit my childs sensative skin is a plus IT SMELLS SO GOOD LOVE THE FACT THEY CAME OUT WITH NEW INGREDIENTS

Johnson's shea and cocoa butter lotion I have 5 children and this is my go to product on them. It smells great and works wonders. It leaves the skin so soft that even i use it. I love this product!

I use anything with she a butter and cocoa butter so when I saw they had not only this lotion but the shampoo as well, I immediately bought them. j&j is a brand I have always trusted. Both the lotion and the shampoo smell great and it helped my son shed his newborn skin really quick.

great I love this one a lot even for my 9 year old his skin takes to it well this is all he can use

Not only do I love Johnsons baby lotion, but when they came out with Shea and Cocoa butter I was ecstatic! It has the great quality of any Johnsons product but smells amazing!

Johnson's lotion is great for baby & Mom. Gentle enough for baby's skin & also works to keep Mom's skin soft for that tender touch.

This is the only kind of soap I could use or else I will break out in a rash on my face. It's very gentile and does not leave my face feeling stiff.

I love this lotion! Works great on my son's dry skin! Use everynight before bed!

Love this lotion. Smells great and skin feels soft...

Really helps keep my skin soft and gentle enough to use every day.

I like to use Johnson's baby lotion to keep my skin soft..

I love using this lotion on my daughter! It leaves her soft skin soft and smelling so so good!

When my daughter's cheeks were chapped and wind blown, I applied a small portion to the affected area and it was cleared up by the next morning. After that, I began using it for my own dry patches and it works better than any of the expensive creams I have purchased over the years. Never again will I waste money on department store lotions!

We all use this lotion in our house, grown up and baby alike! It is never greasy, and smells great!!!

Best baby lotion ever! We use this for both our son and daughter (Ages 4 yrs and 4 months)