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  • JanelleHoover88 By  JanelleHoover88    

    I love the scent, softness and the happiness in my babies eye's

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  • evita13 By  evita13    

    Love the scent of this body wash for my toddler. She has ezcema and when I use this soap it does not irritate her skin.

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  • tiramisu888 By  tiramisu888    

    ok but makes skin dry

    I think this Head to toe baby wash dries out my daughters' skin in the winter but I get the big bottle from Target and it lasts awhile.

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  • heatherfarr By  heatherfarr    

    Love this

    This baby wash is great. I've used it for years because it doesn?t dry out skin. I?ve even started using it to remove makeup at the end of the day because my eye doctor and dermatologist both said it?s gentle and will do the trick. I?ve had fewer breakouts since.

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  • nahida1995 By  nahida1995    


    I've always been using this however recently it has been drying my kids skin a lot. I wouldn?t recommend for kids with eczema

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  • DandVsFamily By  DandVsFamily    

    An oldie, but a goodie!

    I am such a fan of his product! I have used it with all three of my babies! It is great at keeping them clean while not drying out their skin too much.

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  • LoreHerrera By  LoreHerrera    

    Johnson's baby shampoo

    This is and OG product. In my family we have used this product on my daughter and all my nieces and nephews ( 2 nieces, 3 nephews) It ya never left any irritation or dried up their skin. And the smell is just a cloud of memories since we have all used it ❤️

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  • Jazzyjazz By  Jazzyjazz    

    Best baby shampoo ever

    I absolutely love the baby shampoo keeps my new born clean and smelling good as new . It doesn't irritate skin and makes me baby feel so smooth

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  • Montap2 By  Montap2    

    Great products I have used several brands as my maternity journey mother of 9 children and this product is the best great smell and I have used the lavender scent and does the relaxing part on my baby. Great products

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  • amerr89 By  amerr89    

    A must have

    My kids are not so much babies anymore, 5 and 9 years old and they have been using this soap for thier whole lives. Its gentle and tear free and I love the Johnson and Johnson brand.

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  • Alaskakid By  Alaskakid    

    This brand has had some bad media lately. after it was discovered that the powder may cause cancer. I don't think that it is all that harmful, but I still stay away from it. I had a couple of bottles before, but I chose different brands.

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  • Joriedanelle22 By  Joriedanelle22    

    The only brand I use on my baby girl, it smells good. It never burns her eyes and it is the best baby soap I have found.

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  • adegothseir By  adegothseir    

    Great product!

    I love Johnsons Head to Toe baby wash. I love the nighttime Lavender wash the best. It smells great and leaves their skin so soft. And its tear free and does not hurt their eyes.

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  • missy0414 By  missy0414    

    Johnson and Johnson has always provided my family with a great product. We love the lavender bath wash at night to help calm our resless baby!! The smell is so fantastic thanks j&j u rock

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  • SamNau By  SamNau    

    Great baby wash

    Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash is a great product. It is gentle and tear-free, it makes baby?s hair smooth and silky and it smells good too.

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