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  • Ericabrooke94 By  Ericabrooke94    

    Awesome baby shampoo

    Amazing product for babies. The scent is a very fresh and clean smell. My son seems to feel amazing and refreshed using this.

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  • Browneyedgirl90 By  Browneyedgirl90    

    Awesome for babies!

    I loved this soap for all three of my babies. It is a gentle soap for babies. The smell is great. It never irritated any of my babies skin. Johnson's head to toe baby wash is always my first pick.

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  • Nydrom1984 By  Nydrom1984    

    Great for the kiddos

    Ive been using this shampoo for 18 years now, for both my kids and as gifts for the same amount of time. It is so gentle for the kids and it keeps them very clean.

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  • susan1199 By  susan1199    

    Removes eye makeup the best!

    This works great for babies and small children, but I use this every day to remove my eye makeup. My eye Dr. recommended it, and it works the best!

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  • simbalala By  simbalala    

    Johnson & Johnson baby

    Best for babies and everyone. No tears. For all types of skin

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  • mdillon9183 By  mdillon9183    

    Best Baby Wash!!

    I use this on all my children. It is the only one I trust. It gets them clean with that new baby smell lol. But seriously it never irritates their skin or eyes. I can wash their hair and body with one product, that makes my job easier which I love. It is great value. Hands down best baby wash!

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  • lisamccloud By  lisamccloud    


    Now this is a product that I and I'm pretty sure a million of people have used for our children. I still use to this day for myself.

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  • TellAllAmy By  TellAllAmy    


    Favorite in our home. Can be used on any ages, gentle, does not burn eyes, does not dry out skin, and smells amazing.

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  • JanelleHoover88 By  JanelleHoover88    

    I love the scent, softness and the happiness in my babies eye's

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  • evita13 By  evita13    

    Love the scent of this body wash for my toddler. She has ezcema and when I use this soap it does not irritate her skin.

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  • tiramisu888 By  tiramisu888    

    ok but makes skin dry

    I think this Head to toe baby wash dries out my daughters' skin in the winter but I get the big bottle from Target and it lasts awhile.

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  • heatherfarr By  heatherfarr    

    Love this

    This baby wash is great. I've used it for years because it doesn?t dry out skin. I?ve even started using it to remove makeup at the end of the day because my eye doctor and dermatologist both said it?s gentle and will do the trick. I?ve had fewer breakouts since.

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  • nahida1995 By  nahida1995    


    I've always been using this however recently it has been drying my kids skin a lot. I wouldn?t recommend for kids with eczema

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  • DandVsFamily By  DandVsFamily    

    An oldie, but a goodie!

    I am such a fan of his product! I have used it with all three of my babies! It is great at keeping them clean while not drying out their skin too much.

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  • LoreHerrera By  LoreHerrera    

    Johnson's baby shampoo

    This is and OG product. In my family we have used this product on my daughter and all my nieces and nephews ( 2 nieces, 3 nephews) It ya never left any irritation or dried up their skin. And the smell is just a cloud of memories since we have all used it ❤️

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