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  • cspoe13 By  cspoe13    

    Loved this book , just as I love all John Grisham books. Cant wait for his next book!!

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  • lovesanfrancisco By  lovesanfrancisco    

    John Grisham is one of my favourite authors..I like his style of writing , i read this book in 2 days, hopefully they'll make yet another movie based on this book. Great read

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  • hannahsmom04 By  hannahsmom04    

    love his books he is one of my favs

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  • Stellasmom By  Stellasmom    

    Great read! I felt I knew the characters personally and was part of the story. Couldn't put it down.

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  • jaxgma By  jaxgma    

    A riveting book - so hard to put down. The characters really draw you into the story, and make you care about the outcome.

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  • topacio1967 By  topacio1967    

    John Grisham paints a picture of good and evil like no one can. The Confession is the story of an innocent man and a guilty one. It's a roller coaster ride that raises your hopes and sinks your heart. The truth will certainly set you free, but sometimes the truth just comes too late. Read The Confession, it will make you cry until your heart aches.

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