John Frieda Precision Foam Color

John Frieda Precision Foam Color

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Dried Hair & No Highlights Whatsoever I used the brunette Frieda Foam. It covered the gray. No problem. However, it left my hair dry and lackluster and difficult to style. Looks like I put my head in a paint pail. I've never experienced such a poor coloring before.

I used to love this !!! For years I used this because it was easy and wasn't messy! However, the past three times ive used it, it just isn't the same formula or something. It does not hold color and I used the Burgundy shade, within three weeks my hair was a copper color. I won't be using it again.

Could be better The scent is not as pleasant, and the bottle was hard to squeeze out. I would have preferred a pump kind of method. It is easy to rinse out and the coverage was decent.

Unique If you're one of those women who feels like the regular liquid hair dye is way too messy and it takes a lot of dye to dye your hair then this one is for you. A little goes a long way with this dye. It doesn't have a weird smell or anything either, it actually smells pretty good. And it's very easy to put in your hair and work it through. If you can use mouse you can use this. Even my kids can dye hair with this dye. Not a lot of mixing or really worrying about a huge mess, and I didn't have any issues with applying it.

I dye my hair; A LOT. Going from blonde to purple to blue to black, any color you think of I've probably most likely had. But when it came to more natural colors I always used John Frieda. I was a little skeptical with this product because I felt the foam may not get a good coverage but it did do a pretty good job. Although I saturated my head numerous times I did have a few spots not colored but it wasn't a bad product. Easy to use as well.

I get bored of hair color quickly so I dye my hair often... With that being said this was extremely easy to use, however, I found the color selection to be slightly lacking in the red department... I would definitely buy it again the next time I decide to go brunette.

For an at-home color this is perfect! It's easy to apply, the color selection is good, and there is no mess.

Wow what a great idea in hair coloring. I am hooked this hair color was so practical and easy to use and most of all to do it yourself. I have lobg hair so coloring my hair can be a huge task but not anymore. This foam is so simple to mix and apply without making a mess and it gives even coverage when applying it. I also loved how it actually made my hair soft when I was done because most hair coloring dries my hair out really bad but not this product it made my hair look and feel healthier than before I used it. The color is also longer lasting than any coloring product I've tried in the past. Reasonable price point and a great addition to my beauty regiment.

I loved this colour foam. It was the easiest hair color I had ever applied and it smelled perfectly fine. The only downside was the lack of color selection, other than that it was literally the best hair dye I have ever used.

easy application. great gray coverage. lots of colors to choose from.

This is by far my favorite hair coloring product. I've used other "permanent" colors that quickly fade and leave my hair a weird shade of red. However, I used the medium brown color about 5 weeks ago and my hair still looks fantastic (if I do say so myself!). I also love the conditioning creme that comes with the kit. It's a struggle for me to not use it all up in the first week. The foam makes application super easy, even if you're doing it on your own. Usually a girl friend of mine will come over and we'll help each other color our hair, but I can do this one all on my own. I would highly recommend trying out this color system the next time you want an at home hair color kit!

There wasn't enough foam do cover my whole head (though I do have thick hair) and it really dried it out more so than other boxed dyes. I loved the way my color came out but the damage done to it was not worth it...not to mention the splotchy spots I got from where the dye had missed.

This has got to be the best hair color on the market not only for how good your hair turns out but the ease of how to apply it. The foam was so much easier to apply than the regular hair dyes. With other hair dyes I sometimes get hotspots in my hair or patches with this color i didnt have any I just had great color. This is definatley a product iI will be purchasing in the future. I bought 2 boxes like I always have to do with other products but I only had to use 1 bottle. It may cost more than other brands but because i only had to use 1 box instead of 2 it was a better value.

As far as "off the shelf" box colors go this one was above average. Great overall color and still had some nice highlights. Glossy color and didnt fry my hair. 4 stars instead of 5 because with above sholder length hair I almost didnt have enough. I would use this product again.

I have used this in the past and it's the most easy way to color my hair. There is no dripping and there is plenty of product to cover every strand. My only problem is there aren't enough choices for the red hair that I want. I do love the conditioning it gives, too. A great product!