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  • ashbrianda By  ashbrianda    

    This shampoo smell so nice but i love this line and it's good to use in the summertime to help with heat damage .

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  • Blondyy By  Blondyy    

    Honestly this product is amazing, but if you have color treated hair, then it's not for you. But if I didn't have color treated hair I would definitely be using it still.

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  • noellenyny8403 By  noellenyny8403    

    My hair felt really moisturized and silky after using this conditioner, it also smells really good. I could tell some difference in the health of my hair after the first use.

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  • LeighTanya By  LeighTanya    


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  • Outgoing1 By  Outgoing1    

    Love, love, love this conditioner (and the shampoo). It does amazing things to my long, colored hair.

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  • Lionbubbles By  Lionbubbles    

    healthy hair love love love

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  • Smellyeli By  Smellyeli    

    This conditioner has done wonders to my hair!!! It leaves it soooo soft. The only bad thing I have to say about this is sometimes I feel that if I apply this on my roots it makes my hair fall out so I try to only put it on my tips but other than that I recommend this!

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  • chrissherman By  chrissherman    

    Great stuff. Leaves your hair easy to comb thru and isn't heavy or greasy. One of my favorites!

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  • Becca57 By  Becca57    

    There is no better conditioner to use than this. My hair has never looked better, smelled fresher. My husband cannot stop running his fingers through my hair...Now, that is a good conditioner!!

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  • Lily_J316 By  Lily_J316    

    This is the best conditioner I've ever used. I dye/touch up my hair color every four weeks which is very drying to my hair and this keeps my hair smooth, shiny, and tangle free. I literally don't have to brush my hair sometimes after washing, conditioning, and drying. It's amazing and smells good too!!

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