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  • lizmat By  lizmat    

    I love the way my curls look after using this product and the shine lasts for a long time.

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  • fairykiss2010 By  fairykiss2010    

    very shiny afterwards. love this inexpensive treatment to make my naturally wavy hair shiny

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  • detailedliving By  detailedliving    

    My hair dresser recommended I use this clear glaze in between visits to the salon for hair color. You know how great your hair feels right after it is colored at the salon? Well, this glaze gives you that feel, but has no color in it. I get my hair Keratin treated and I find that the glaze helps my Keratin treatment also last much longer. My hair is extremely thick, dry and can be frizzy. This clear glaze makes it easier to blow dry, feels smooth and silky and reduces the frizz. I find the effects last a couple of weeks. The box recommends two application choices. The first is a three minute fix used weekly in the shower. I opt for the other choice which is a 30 minute more intensive treatment. I find I use less product in the long run, and have better results. I highly recommend this product.

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