Joel Osteen Your Best Life Now

Joel Osteen Your Best Life Now

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This was a very interesting and motivational book. I like the fact the Joel Osteen was so humble throughout the book. He truly knows how to uplift people. Thank your for writing this book, it was of great help to me. If you don't live your best life now when will you live it? Since tomorrow is not promised to any of us...his book is right on time!

He is a positive person and if you just want a nice feel good book I guess it will do. It does not delve into the word, get to the nitty gritty of Christianity. He never talks about hell or the wages of sin or anything negative. Read the bible - there is punishment, there is judgement. There is also grace and forgiveness. Life is not a bunch of grins...there are bumps and bruises along the would never know it with this positive, "name it and claim it" preacher.

Good reading Such a positive man

Great book. Joel is so positive and sincere and I love his books and his messages. He makes you want to be a better person and be more positive in every situation. God has used Joel to help me have a closer relationship with God.

great book very inspiring read

Love Joel Osteen. He has a smile that radiates pure love and honesty. He tells the Bible like it is, but also let's us know that God was put on this earth to save us and HE wants us all to live life to the fullest and know that we are worthy and able to meet any goal we want.

One of the best books I ever read. My husband and I read it over several times and then lent it to his mother who passed it on.

This is one of the most uplifting and inspiring books I've ever read. It was written in plain English, easy to read. I loved it so much I bought some to give as gifts.

This was a great read all together and extremely inspiring. On the days you're feeling down, read a chapter or two of this book and you're sure to feel your spirit lifting. A great book!

Great book, enjoyed it a lot!! Read it a few times, even with my hubby together and separately. We both loved the positive message. Good read for sure!!

Joel Osteen changed my llife with his first book and Sunday service in Texas. I absolutely love this an and all the positive energy he exudes. For the past 3 years I have also had his daily flip calendar which has a different saying on each day.

Joel is very inspiring!! I love his books & watch him on TV as well. Jesus Christ gives us hope...Joel reminds us of that hope ;)

Joel Osteen is the best motivational preacher out there to me! I know alot of people think he's too positive but the way I see it, it's better to get your thoughts going in the right direction than it is to always be negative. This book teaches you ways to be positive as well as trust God in all you are going through in your life!

This is one book I highly recommend. I have read it four times and found it very inspiring. It can uplift you in tough times and give you hope. It has helped me deal with old issues affecting my life. I could not lend this book out to friends and family, so I purchased five copies to give to them! It is a must read for everyone.

This book is sooo positive! I've read this one several times. Also met him and Victoria on several occassions, just as nice in person. ...and ALWAYS smiling.