Jobe's Tomato Outdoor Fertilizer Food Spikes

Jobe's Tomato Outdoor Fertilizer Food Spikes

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These fertilizer spikes work well,no chance over fertilizing and ruining my favorite plants,or forgetting when to do it.No mess,no waste

Big tasty tomatoes! These work great, but I would like to see an organic version of them!

Juicy tomatoes I bought these fertilizer spikes when my daughter and I started a small garden outside. We grew some good sized tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, bell peppers, jalapenos and watermelon to say it was our first try. This would be our second year gardening. Get this for your tomatoes and I promise it will help them grow

Love this stuff These are amazing, this year my tomato plants were enormous and producing up through October. Will definitely be using these again next gardening season.

JOBE fertilizer spikes I always use these and they work really well 👍also good for flowers🌺

The pleasure of a garden can be greatly lessened by hassles in using fertilizer, by the poor results you get when you forget, or by extra expense with little to show for it. But this product solves all of those problems--it's easy, cost effective and REALLY works.

These work Awsome with no hassle stick it and forget it

I use these when gifting tomato plants to 1st time gardeners, or friends and relatives who are clueless about the upkeep of fertilizing throughout the season. I find they work great and the plants thrive with very little maintenance.

I love these spikes for helping my tomato plants get all the nutrients they need! Easy to use and a great help to my tomato plant, especially in my clay soil.

Very easy to use and a brand that I trust.

Im a bit obsessed with gardening, I love to try new products and this one was given to me as a sample. I used this for a few tomato plants and they seemed to grow stronger because of it.

I just put out cabbage plants, maybe I will buy these and give them a try

these sound good, going to try!

Put these in my tomato plants a month ago, and they're growing fast and strong. Much easier than frequently adding fertilizer.