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  • Littleback415 By  Littleback415    

    Smells great but not as strong as sexy as I like.

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  • marym63 By  marym63    

    This fragrance is gorgeous 😍

    Jimmy Choo is one of my favorites ❤️ I love every elegant fragrance I have tried from this brand. It has a gorgeous and feminine then. It last all day without refreshing. It suits any occasion especially on those special occasions. He has a beautiful Variety of fragrances that you will absolutely love. I definitely recommend this fragrance to anyone who wants to smell delicious!

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  • cierramaeg By  cierramaeg    

    I love this smell. Its a more sophisticated, mature scent compared to my other favorite, Chanel CHANCE. It lasts all day and I've been wearing it for years. Still on the same bottle that I originally purchased.

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  • TamTam1996 By  TamTam1996    

    Need it!

    Ohhhhh my sister got this for me for Christmas it was so beautiful even just in the box. I sprayed it on me an fell in love it awesome like I was hooked love you jimmy choo

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  • CadenceBlythe By  CadenceBlythe    

    I love this perfume. Smells really professional and clean. A bit pricey and the smell sees to "go away" quickly but others can still smell it. I will buy this no matter what. I love it. Clean smelling of sure!

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  • redjessi By  redjessi    

    gross, smells yuck.

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  • Sweet_Tea By  Sweet_Tea    

    Fragrance is a hard thing for me to describe and recommend to others. It is such a personal thing and is different for everyone. After finding a sample of Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum Spray in a magazine that I was reading I decided to splurge and purchase a full bottle and I am glad I did. I would describe the fragrance as warm and rich with exotic notes. It is a mature scent - not too sweet or too floral. It does seem to be a little strong when you first put it on but settles in quickly and lasts all day. As an added plus the bottle is gorgeous!

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