Jhumpa Lahiri The Namesake

Jhumpa Lahiri The Namesake

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I loved this book and she has, subsequently become my favorite author.

Liked this book but it is such a slow read.

I loved this book too ! Its been a while since I read it, but coming from a similar background..I can relate to the anxieties that immigrant parents go through in a land with different customs and culture. The added dilemma of trying to raise your children such that they are aware of both cultures and such that they do not get confused and overwhelmed has also been nicely addressed. It is a good read.

I loved this book because it has so many layers of meaning. We read about a family from their early lives in India, through their marriage, the births of their children, struggles, and events that shape their lives. We also see how sometimes seemingly inconsequential events can change the course of a person's life. This book has also been made into a movie.