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  • klarson31 By  klarson31    

    Great candles

    Smell is wonderful, long lasting. Jewelry is always beautiful , never seems to disappoint

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  • GloriaL By  GloriaL    

    I started selling with this company in spring of 2014 and love it! I have worked for other candle companies, but JIC by far has been the best. They give wonderful support to both customers and consultants, excellent training and the scent of the candles and tarts are simply AMAZING! I love the fact that you have the option of choosing either a ring (and your size), a necklace or a pair of earrings! You can even pick a ring for your man!! Try before you buy and request a sample from me. I would be more than happy to send you one! Contact me by using the contact me link at my store or join me on facebook - If I was not a representative, I still would recommend Jewelry In Candles.

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  • stephens1217 By  stephens1217    

    I started selling when they first started. I was worried at first because they took off so fast the shipping slowed, but they pulled it together and now it is amazing. I love this company, the product and the jewelry. contact me for any questions, I can send out free soy wax samples too :)

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  • arhorton21 By  arhorton21    

    Jewelry in Candles is one of the larger jewelry candles companies, and also gains a lot of publicity because there are so many independent reps for this company. I have used this company only once. I won one of their tarts in a giveaway, the scent was Fun on the Beach. I will say that the scent smelled AMAZING. I was HIGHLY pleased with the scent itself and the scent throw. It is also nice that (as I did) you can get connected with an independent rep on facebook and usually find discounts or even win products. The ring I received was very nice. I didn't like that there was no appraisal value provided (many other companies do offer this). If I had to guess, I would say that the ring would be have been around $20-$40. If I had a good discount, I would probably use this company again. It is a great "starter" company for jewelry candles.

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    I'm curious about these candles. I've only heard good things, though!

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  • kristenlwatkins By  kristenlwatkins    

    Best by far candles and tarts I've ever tried on my home! The fragrances are strong . Candles last 100-150+ hours tarts are the strongest by far!!!!

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