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  • carolc By  carolc    

    these are really good love them used them for smores it was really different i loved it

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  • Tannersmom By  Tannersmom    

    I used these marshmallows with honey nut cereal, peanut butter, and honey to make my husband crispy bars and he loved them. I will use them again with crispy rice cereal to make a more flavorful cereal bar.

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  • shardesty By  shardesty    

    I love marshmallows and am always excited to see that they are coming out with new flavors. While shopping I noticed they had chocolate and cinnamon bun knowing it would be a dangerous situation to have 2 bags of marshmallows around I grabbed the cinnamon bun ones and walked away fast. When I got home I tore into them and had to stop myself from eating the whole bag because they are so delicious!! Can't wait to try the chocolate ones next. mmmmmm!!

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