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  • asiulkas By  asiulkas    

    Good lotion for fair price

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  • khd023 By  khd023    

    I like this lotion. I think it only does an okay job at "firming", but it's a great lotion. It's thick, and leaves your skin very soft and moisturized. But if you're looking for a firming lotion, I would only suggest this after Nivea's firming line.

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  • beckahsmith1980 By  beckahsmith1980    

    Wonderful moisturizer but not so "firming". I use this daily and find its the best body lotion I can buy from the store. It works well and doesn't stink. It also doesn't feel greasy and one application lasts the day. I use it after I get out of the shower in the morning and use it full body. I have used this product for years and have yet to find something as good as it.

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  • AshleyP75 By  AshleyP75    

    I liked this product! Made my skin feel very moisturized!!

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  • shellin3 By  shellin3    

    After seeing this product at the beginning of the summer on the Today Show, i decided to try it. I used it all summer. I also walk, do weights and am overall healthy and not overweight. I wanted to see if this would tighten and firm the areas on my upper thighs and my arms. This product didnt do a thing, it truly didnt. Its a waste of money. I reviewed my arms and legs weekly and saw no changes at all. Dont bother.

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