Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing Moisturizer

Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing Moisturizer

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I really like the new Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing Moisturizer. It goes on smoothly & for the most part doesn't seem to streak or leave me looking orange. I only gave it 4 stars because it does tend to rub off on lighter clothing & my black leather seats in my car.

this smells so good. my mom bought this for me and it works for me. i always have it with me in my bag.

This is my go to product for a sun kissed glow and works fast!

This works great for me! I use it almost everyday in the summer and I never have problems with it. I've never had a problem with it looking orange or streaky. The smell isn't bad, it smells like ordinary tanning lotion. I noticed I was darker in about 3 days.

Great product for a retired tanning bed junkie! It does smell like self tanner to me. But the scent is way more subtle than any other bronzers I've tried to use. It is a gradual glow like it promises!

I use this product on my arms and legs all the time. I am pretty pale and it gives me a hint of color, is not thick and overbearing like self tanners. Just gives you that perfect glow.

No streaking, lightweight, and natural! I use this product just once a week to maintain a natural glow. Although it does not have an overpowering smell, it still does have some weird stench, although no one around me can smell it. The price makes getting a sunless tan affordable all year long!

Once you get used to putting this lotion on.. it's awesome! :) Me, my mom, and 3 sisters all use it! It's perfect for us really white pale people. :)

I never have issues with any Jergens tanners streaking or turning orange. I quite like them, but the Revitalizing lotion sucks! Its chalk full of glitter. I returned it after I applied it to my whole body and realized that I looked like a glitter bomb.

Its good ... Jergens is the brand i trust and the natural glow is perfect for my skin type... I came to know about this product from my friends and love it since then!! The one i use in 2oz tube and easy to carry too!!

This tanning lotion is awful. I spent roughly $9 on it which to me isn't cheap and all it did was cause me a lot of embarrassment. I exfoliated the night before applying it to make sure my skin tone would be even. I then applied it as evenly as possible over my body. Three days later, I had BRIGHT orange streaks all over my legs and arms and neck. You could see pale white skin next to orange. I used the one for fair skin, I know that for sure. Not only that but it badly broke out my face (I didn't realize they had one specifically for face). I normally have no zits and I had like 20 within a few days. I tried lemon juice and baking soda, exfoliating again, I did everything to get the streaks off of me and nothing worked. I was actually going to the beach in Florida and really didn't want to look like that, so I called the Jergens customer service number for advice. All they told me was it would fade in a week or so. They also tried to insist I must have bought the one for darker skin but I did not. I ended up skipping the beach...but people at work still noticed.

Never quite got the technique down to get this on smoothly without seeing uneven areas later. I may just be too pale for this to ever look natural on me.

Didn't like the smell. It's smells like cover-up-sweat! but it WORKS!

Best sunless tanner I've ever used! No streaks and the color looks great and not orange! I like how the color is gradual too.

I love Jergens Natural Glow. It gives you a suble glow and moisturizes also!