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  • Leahmom By  Leahmom    

    Pleasantly surprised

    Actually works! Gradual color that doesn't look unnatural. Bonus, it actually smells good unlike so many tanning products.

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  • ElephantsRule By  ElephantsRule    

    I found that this product made me a little too orange for my liking and if you don't scrub it all off in the shower it can build up and get flaky. I have very dry and pale skin.

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  • JustJensReviews By  JustJensReviews    

    I like Jergen's natural glow because it gives you a sublet hibt of color while leaving you skin silky smooth.

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  • ladymay By  ladymay    

    I use this daily in the summer I have very light skin & I'm over 50. Love it! I don't know if it's wishful thinking but I use it on my legs & arms and think it actually makes them look tighter as well as the color it gives me a nice glow that doesn't look fake or orange. I use it other places as well just not every day.

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  • deblv1961 By  deblv1961    

    Love this product...I do not get out in the sun alot and do not like haveing a ghostly complexion. This product works wonders for me....adds color that looks natural and I would recommend it to everyone!

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  • Pearlypearl By  Pearlypearl    

    I actually just both this at Walmart and I can't wait to start using it on a daily basis , i tried it on one day and it just minutes i could see my skin glowing (: I absolutely can't wait to see how this look when summer starts!

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  • Juliefuller11 By  Juliefuller11    

    When I say I am a novice...I really mean it. I was intimidated to use this stuff because you see people with BROWN elbows, knees, etc. I read the directions carefully and just went for it. It has taken me a few tries to remember/understand that you should basically not even touch those knobby places. I was rocking the brown spots for awhile...BUT I love this stuff. I was WHITE and now have a nice glow. The smell doesn't bother me but it says not to dress for a few minutes. I only apply this stuff if I can rock the naked-ness in the house for a good hour because of my paranoia. I will buy this again.

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  • edjona By  edjona    

    I like its scent in the beginning but then after a while it does get annoying (and don't get me started on my husband he hates its smell). I wish it would smell different or be non-scented altogether. On the other hand it does give me a nice color, not orange-y or yellow-y.

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  • kelseypromos By  kelseypromos    

    It works well, but the scent can be a bit too much after awhile

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  • cheryllo By  cheryllo    

    I started using Jergen's Natural Glow because I have very pale dry skin and skin cancer runs in my family so I try to avoid the sun. When summer rolls around I'd like to have some color. I've used spray tanners and they're ok but this gives me color as well as moisturizing. It leaves a nice, soft, natural looking color so you can't tell that it isn't a suntan. The moisturizer works really well on my skin. It's a great value because you get 2 products in 1 !

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  • ShellyPet By  ShellyPet    

    From fair to glowing in 2 days!

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  • Blackie55 By  Blackie55    

    I love the subtle results you get from this product, you look better but no one knows why!

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  • sarahburgess By  sarahburgess    

    this product works instantly and only looks well when layered evenly

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  • KaylaL By  KaylaL    

    Great product! Starts with a subtle difference then you will notice how much your skin begins to glow. The best drugstore self tanner!

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  • Brashmom72 By  Brashmom72    

    This worked when I used it but I didn't not like the smell.

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