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  • Arolland88 By  Arolland88    

    Belly Laughs By Jenny McCarthy Book Review

    This was a lighthearted look into pregnancy. While she touches on many of the issues of pregnancy it is by no means an informative book, but rather a comical view of pregnancy. This is what I expected as I began the book, but wanted to make sure others were expecting this as well. Much of what Jenny McCarthy writes is true, but a lot is very hyperbolic as well. For about the first half of the book, I enjoyed the comical portrayal of the "Crazy lady" as well as the general experience of carrying a child and mood swings that accompany pregnancy. As the book progressed though, I noticed a more derogatory look at the entire experience. She makes many comments that appear to me to show an incredibly unsupportive partner which I found to be a bit depressing. Maybe I'm just incredibly lucky or a rare case, but it is sad to me to think of other women having to deal with their partners not stopping the car to let me use the restroom. Another example of the dark side of the book is her talking about how her husband would rather look at dirty magazines than sleep with her while she was a beached whale. Obviously, each couple can decide for themselves, but I just started to struggle through it as these references became more frequent as I didn't find them comical, and they tended to make me feel bad thinking about women dealing with these issues. Again, maybe I'm just overly sheltered, but I'd like to hope that this is not the norm. Besides the issues with her partner (husband), it was funny to read the exaggerated experience of all the "fun" surprises in pregnancy. It also motivated me to actually go purchase maternity underwear after reading how she wishes she would have broken down sooner (SO TRUE!). The book also helps make it more acceptable to acknowledge any range of emotions you might be feeling and cope with the uncomfortable and less than stellar side effects that can appear throughout pregnancy.

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