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  • Bond7Girl By  Bond7Girl    

    I love this cook book! It has amazing meals from all over the Carribean, from the islands to Mexico, Central America, and South America, all including nutritional breakdown, which is fantastic for me, as I want to make sure my meals are healthy, and it makes it easier to augment recipes to make them healthier when I know how many calories and how much fat it contains. It is a British cook book, but all of the terms and measurments are given with American terms and measurment units alongside, so I don't hace to try to do the math or figure out the different names for zucchini! Another feature I adore is a brief history and background of all of the regions covered in the cook book before you get to the recipes. I love knowing the inspiration behind the flavors used in the different cultures and what led to the cultural blending that lead to many region-specific dishes! The amount of recipes included in the cook are plentiful, as well! I am very glad I picked up this book, and have adored every meal I have made from it!

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