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  • SavannahBeth By  SavannahBeth    

    Omigoodness, these are good! The perfectly sweet and sour flavor of the lemony part, smooth and creamy texture overall, and the perfect portion size make these a fun option for the occasional not-too-guilty indulgence.

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  • Chicagodivaonadime By  Chicagodivaonadime    

    I have to say I love lemon. So when I saw these I jumped and bought them.. They are tasty. Reminding you of a lemon merengue pie without the guilt of eating a slice.

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  • nhinson0902 By  nhinson0902    

    I loved this product! It tastes like creamy lemon with a marshmallow topping. It is not quite exactly like lemon meringue pie, but given it is a pudding treat, it is not bad! I love lemons, and if you do not like the taste of sweetened lemons, this product may not be for you. Overall, I loved it and I think it is a good sweet dessert for when someone doesn't want to eat so much sugar.

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  • Hendrika By  Hendrika    

    Very delicious and a nice sweet but fresh taste!

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  • grammamonsey By  grammamonsey    

    I tried it, I liked it.

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  • Fruitloopz By  Fruitloopz    

    I really loved these but have to admit that whatever the artificial sweetener is in this product does not agree with me whatsoever! Great taste, very lemony but again...way too artificial.

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  • celticnightflower By  celticnightflower    

    Bought this on a whim one day and I'm glad I did. I love lemon meringue pie, but I'm trying to be good about what I eat. The taste definitely reminds me of lemon meringue, but without the guilt. My husband even likes them. The key lime is pretty tasty too!

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  • PunkyNVS By  PunkyNVS    

    It is actually pretty good for something low cal. I am a huge fan of lemon meringue pie and this definitely satisfies that craving when I am dieting. I also love the strawberry cheesecake flavor of this!

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  • 1234tina By  1234tina    

    Simply delious! I luv the flavor of lemons... am a big lemonade fan and luv lemon squeezed on fish and chicken, this treat by Jell-O Brand Pudding is FANTASTIC. The texture of the pudding is smooth, and creamy. The flavor is tangy but still sweet. Its 100 calories a portion and 2 grams of fat, which is pretty good. This is a good treat to have when my boyfriend is eating icecream and i need a sweet-tooth fix.

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