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  • sunnay By  sunnay    


    I love this stroller! It rides smoothly, it?s good to workout with. I love how I can attach his car seat to the stroller as well! Great product!

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  • Butterflylover By  Butterflylover    

    Jeep rides again

    This is excately whata I needed years ago. Rough yard and fields, would have been great and of course The Jeep thing, We have a Jeep and a Jeep stroller w00ho Jeep the best.

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  • oceansky1 By  oceansky1    

    jeep stroller

    I love Jeep products. This one is very good and well made. Who can go wrong with a Jeep product!

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  • ERA2015 By  ERA2015    

    BEST stroller for walking to do errands or to park

    What's not to love about this stroller because, it has everything you need including storage space on top next to where your hands go for 2 drinks, and a little compartment for your phone, cards or money so they don't get wet and the bottom storage space under the stroller is big enough for diapers, extra clothing, toys, snacks, and drinks. Also side compartments for little items like a snack for your son/daughters and/or little juice box, one on each side of sun visor. Also you can put your newborn baby's carseat conveniently locked on top of the stroller with certain carseat so your baby is safely secured, then after they get older and don't need to be in a carseat, you can put your toddler in and different positions like laying back or sitting all the way up lets your child comfortably sleep or watch what's going on around them. With this stroller your ready for that walk/jog/run to the park and have everything you need. My opinion Best stroller which I have used on multi. occasions jogging to the park or store with my son. Money well spent!

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