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  • Paperdoll13 By  Paperdoll13    

    I haven't read the book, but I love the movie!! It's my favorite movie!

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  • larosamorada By  larosamorada    

    Strangely enough, I read this book in high school. I found it extremely captivating then and still do. This is well worth the read; avoid the movie though.

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  • kmarie12 By  kmarie12    

    I thought this book was great. I read it while on vacation and could barley put it down to enjoy the ocean in front of me. It is not a light read, very dark. But it is interesting and a page turner.

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  • camd383 By  camd383    

    Absolutely LOVED this book....I recommend this book to everyone. and the movie should not even be associated with the book they did a horrible job.

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  • Stellasmom By  Stellasmom    

    I really enjoyed the book. Great characters. The movie didn't live up to the book.

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  • dvschic By  dvschic    

    they ruined yet another book with a bad movie. dont buy the movie tie in book, read the original. The characters you can create in your head will be much better than the ones you see on the screen. Some parts are highly unrealistic but you also relate to many characters in the book.

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  • pinkadidas178 By  pinkadidas178    

    This book was amazing. Not only was this such an original idea, although dark, this was an incredibly written book. The writing style grabs you from the beginning. The story is interesting and keeps you wanting more. I wish she had written more books like this. The movie wasn't that bad either but keep in mind the movie doesn't include the book seeing as how the book is very long but not bad for a movie adaptation.

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