Janet Evanovich Smokin' Seventeen

Janet Evanovich Smokin' Seventeen

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Best escape I have found in years! I stumbled on the Janet Evanovich / Stephanie Plum Series after the first 20 books were out. I have been blowing up my iPad reading them all. I have not laughed this much in years. I'm not talking little chuckles. I'm talking full gut, laugh out loud, tears rolling down your face almost tinkling your panties laughing. If you have not read them yet (mental head slap) you need to give yourself the gift of laughter and start reading them.

Love this series!! Always a good laugh. Stephanie Plum series always leaves you wanting more.

I love the Plum series there are two friends that we pass the book back and forth. So far this was my favorite. This weekend I will be going with my two friend to watch One for the Money which was the first of the series. I hope they make all of her books into movies.

Janet Evanovich hasn't failed me yet. Her stories are 60% mystery, 30% humor, and 10% romance. It makes for a fun read. I don't normally re read books but I can pick up any of Janet's books and get sucked in to the story. The only other ones that I can do that with are the Harry Potter books. My only warning is that you may find your self laughing out loud.

I love all the Stephanie Plum books, I am always so excited for the next one to come out. This was a wonderful read, its a book you can just read all day!