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  • bluejay92 By  bluejay92    

    i havent read this book would want to read it

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  • aboyce89 By  aboyce89    

    I was informed of this book by a friend who encouraged me to read it, and I am very glad I did! I loved how it followed the character of Jemima as she totally transformed herself and essentially got a chance to start over as a new person in a new place where nobody knew her. I thought it was rather realistic, and really enjoyed the twist where Jemima found out that maybe what she thought she wanted...wasn't what she wanted at all, and wasn't what she thought it would be. I would definitely recommend this book.

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  • cocojoy By  cocojoy    

    I have read this book a few times and about to read it again! It's an amazing book and has very great life lessons even if it's not entirely true.

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  • laurie32712 By  laurie32712    

    I read this book a while ago and since then I have read all of her books. I think she is great!

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  • mitbrooks By  mitbrooks    

    This was the 1st Jane Green book that I read. It was fabulous. It made me an instant Jane Green fan.

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  • susanvub By  susanvub    

    I adore this book. I think I have read it 4 times and would read it again for sure. Jane Green is a great author. She has many other books that are worth checking out, but I think anyone who has felt insecure about herself would relate to this book! I have recommended it many times, and everyone has liked it!

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  • Cfunk3 By  Cfunk3    

    Great read about a girl who turns from an ugly duckling to a swan! It's pure fantasy and wort every page! I love author Jane Green and this is my all time favorite book by her. I've read it over and over again! Especially great summertime read!

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