JJ Cole Original Infant Bundle Me

JJ Cole Original Infant Bundle Me

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This is the perfect warm insert for Minnesota winters for our little one. However, once she was 6 months or so and started batting the top part down - we had to implement a blanket over the top to shield her from the elements while outside. Wish it has a piece of velcro or something on the top to keep that up from grabby hands. Otherwise - love it. :)

Great way to keep the little ones warm in the winter! Very plush

We had one of these for our first daughter. I love this for cold weather, but she would get very warm when the heat was on in our car!

I used this for my son and will use it for my new baby. This is wonderful. It's not safe to put bulky coats on young children in a car seat so this is a great alternative for babies.

I had one for both of my boys. One of the best inventions ever!

With the cold weather we have been having this product is great.. It keeps the baby nice and warm.

I was in love with mine. Being baby's are sensitive To different temperatures i was always worried Bought mine and didnt worry as much Very good product for the winter months in vermont

Great for small infants during the winter months. no need to put a coat on your infant when you have this

Okay....Makes my kid sweat bullets...I good blanket does a better job....

Cute but way to costly.

This is a big must have for the winter. Its warm and cozy. I used to never leave the apt without the bundle me.

I use this product for my daughter ( 4 months old ) and its perfect for cold New York weather! I dont have to stuff a snowsuit on her, plus it is no longer safe to put infants in snowsuits so I opt for this JJ Cole (we bought Bella the cute pink one) and it is so convenient!

keep baby warm in cold weather and calms baby while riding in car....very awesome product!

5 stars all the way!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product!!!! Ohh did I mention I LOVED this?? Was great because I could safely put my daughter in her seat without a bulky snow suit. When you put a baby in an infant seat with a snow suit or heavy coat you are creating a safety issue because the straps aren't positions correctly and you can't get them tight enough to safely keep baby in if there was an accident. The ones that just cover the top aren't enough to keep them from getting chilled (Anyone happen to notice how little padding and cushion is actually in a car seat) the bottom layer adds comfort and warmth and top is designed so that it can cover baby while in car, completely cover the baby when outside and the infant can easily be removed when you get to where you are going. Is especially nice when your baby is sleeping, no more wrestling the snow suit or coat off waking them up, just unzip unfasten seat straps and your good to go. Washes wonderfully and even gets better with every wash. Def a recommended product!!

life saver is definally a go get it