Ivory Soap

Ivory Soap

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Gentle Soap This is the soap I use to wash my private areas. It cleans without irritating anything. I would recommend it for that purpose.

Favorite soap! I love the smell of this soap it leaves me smelling fresh and clean and my whole family really enjoys it

My Try This is the only soap our family uses, it is gentle and so easy on sensitive skin.

good soap, does not feel harsh to the skin at all, but runs out really fast....maybe i just want it to last forever :)

This is not a bad soap, however it goes so fast. The scent is very strong and nice but it is easy to get used quickly. Price is decent.

Classic clean for everyone When I was a little kid, whenever we visited my grandparents, I would go into their bathroom and open the high upper cabinet and just stare in amazement at their big supply of Ivory Soap and Charmin toilet tissue. And I remember learning in 6th grade that it is 99 and 44/100th percent pure - so pure it floats. A few years ago when I had a wound, the wound care doctor told me to use Ivory soap. He said that it would gently and effectively clean the wound. So now I keep a few bars in the house specifically for first aid.

My Ivory story IVORY is the only soap that worked for me so far. Some people find it drying but I think it depends on where you are geographicaly located. For some who live in the colder regions of course they may experience dryness after using this soap but for those who are living in warmer/ tropical regions like I do, I think it works pretty well. THIS IS MY STORY: I am in my adolescence and I have sensitive acne prone skin. I've tried almost every skincare product and I even go to a dermatologist. My dermatologist gave me anti acne products. However, my skin tends to peel, rash and itch because of those things. Recently a used some popular hypoallergenic gentle skin cleanser hoping that it would work for me since there are many good reviews about it and it made my skin worse. My skin was scaly itchy red and it burns. So my dermatologist told me that I have seborrheic dermatitis and she adviced me to use some clotrimazole etc. and from that day on I changed to IVORY since she said that she also use that soap and my parents were also familiar about it and they keep on comparing it to a whitening soap for clothes that we have here in our country called "Perla". I am surprised right now that my face reacts well to it. It minimized my breakouts cured my dermatitis and I am enjoying it's wonders at the moment. I'm Lovin' it so far! BTW IVORY is not so popular here in our country since most citizens prefer whitening and acne removing soaps. It is not also being advertised in telvisions so most people don't even know that such soap exists. It costs less than $2 USD for 3 bars so it's quite affordable. I just hope that Ivory soap's legacy will still be recognized until the end of the future generations.

Soft touchable skin! I love Ivory soap! With my sensitive skin it is the only soap I can use! I don't break out, and it leaves my skin soft!

Ivory Soap is a good product to use if you have sensitive skin like I do. It does not break me out and I feel refreshed when I get out of the shower. It is a cheap product also. It is fragrance free also.

This is a basic bar no frills soap that many people can use. There really isn't a fragrance or dyes, so that is nice. If you are looking for something a little more pretty or scented this may not be for you.

Love ivory soap. I have been using ivory since I was a kid. It has a fresh smell and is easy on my skin.

My husband won't use anything else. He doesn't like strong scents, and this just has a light, fresh smell, while rinsing clean and leaving you feeling fresh. It's not super pricey either, so overall this is a really great product.

I have used Ivory soap for years. I have sensitive skin and have problems with most soaps as the perfumes react with my skin, Ivory does not. The downside is that it will dry your skin, so lotion is a must. I also always liked that it flots, great for those who like to take a bath.

I have bought recently to try again as I remember using as a kid. I am a bar soap only girl so for me I still loved it and it still floats!

I used this soap while pregnant. The smell of other soaps made me nauseous. I started using this one and never had an issue with smell. But my only complaint is my skin would feel rough after I used it.