Ivory Body Wash

Ivory Body Wash

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Absolutely love Ivory Body Wash! The scent is perfect! The cleaning is perfect! The affordability if perfect! Thank you Procter & Gamble!

One of the best body washes on the market. No fluff, just the clean smell of the original Ivory Soap. The only downside is that I cannot use it in the WINTER months. My skin is too dry and it just does not moisturize enough (for me anyway).

If you have sensitive skin, this is what you are looking for. It cleans well, with out leaving a film on your skin, It won't break you out or make you rash up. this can be found pretty much in any store and the price isn't to bad. You don't have to use much to clean your entire body, which is great.

This is one of my favorite body wash products. I love the clean smell and how soft my skin feels after using it. This is a great deal for the price.

I've never cared for the Ivory bar soaps as they severely dry out my skin but the body wash works pretty good. It cleans well, has a good scent and is overall good for times when you're in a money crunch or what not.

Do to having sensitive skin, this product made my skin break out. The only brand I will use is Dove.

Great scent and gentle on skin. Very easy to use and very good consistency.

Very mild,clean and fresh scent. This body wash is great for the whole family and does not irritate sensitive skin. I love it!

I love anything ivory! I buy the bar soaps for bathing my babies. Ivory always leaves their skin so soft and smelling great. I love the aloe soap bar, great price, and ivory is made with animal fat, has a great smell And it's the only soap that floats😄

Love this body wash and soaps. It smells so good and leaves skin clean, and smooth and fresh smelling. Love the scent and the price is good too

One of my favorite body wash items. Price is very inexpensive and the scent is very pleasant.

Amazing product with very little toxins. I think it is great because it is soothing and leaves the skin feeling soft. I also think that it is reasonably priced. I am very happy with the results I get from using it!

Perfect body wash for sensitive skin! Highly recommend for winter bathing.

would use it instead of the bar soap if it lasted longer

This is an inexpensive product that is not harsh on the skin. I have sensitive skin, so it is nice that this does not irritate.