It's nearly FALL!

   By MiscRamblings  Sep 03, 2011

I can tell it's nearly Fall. Not because the days are shorter. Not because the calendar is telling me so. And certainly not because I wore a long sleeved shirt for the first time today. I can tell because I'm starting to look like Chewbacca.

At the end of spring and the beginning of summer I am very conscience of shaving. This makes sure my legs look pretty in shorts/capris/skirts. I make sure that I shave every other day or so since I was graced with light leg hair.

You know it's time to shave when your daughter looks at you and says, "OMG mom, how long are those things?" 

I take a deep breath, roll my eyes, and shake my head. It's at that moment that I realize - It's nearly Fall. I check the calendar and yes…it's coming.

Do you have things that let you know that fall is coming? Do you let yourself go like I do - or is there a great little party that makes you remember? Fill me in - I want to get to know you!

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rayofson66 by rayofson66 | harrisburg, PA
Sep 15, 2011

My son was born on the first day of Fall. Fall was never my favorite season until then :) He's 25 now, well be on 9/23. Time has gone by so fast. Anyway...other ways are high school Football games, big red juicy apples and the pumpkins and one of my favorite things....MUMS

MiscRamblings by MiscRamblings | COLTON, NY
Sep 07, 2011

Basilandcatnip - yes, you are right the fur babies certainly do give us a warning when the weather is going to change. Glad you liked the post Alisonn! Thanks for commenting.

Alisonn by Alisonn | Biglerville, PA
Sep 07, 2011

that is pretty funny! those cooler days do the same for me! maybe we are just tired of the upkeep. haha. Happy Fall! great post! loved it.

basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Sep 06, 2011

Time for charity events as it gets cooler. And my kitties fur and eating habits change. The State Fair, news is full of all things fried stories.