Do you do Dr. Who?

   By dawniep  Dec 07, 2011

On November 23, 1963 Dr. Who was introduced on BBC with it's first Doctor, William Hartnell as an educational series meant to teach about history and science.  Dr. Who ran for an amazing 26 seasons and after a brief hiatus is once again back on the BBC with it's Eleventh Doctor and a cast of very interesting characters. Dr. Who is the longest running Sci-Fi series on television ever! Who knew?

I have to admit when I first watched this series with my daughter who absolutely loves Dr. Who, I found some of the episodes super creepy, but that is the appeal, I guess. It is Sci-Fi after all! So, who is "The Doctor", well he is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, who travels in a time machine called the TARDIS which is bigger on the inside than the outside. Be assured to see some monsters and some seriously funky creatures, but the main characters are truly endearing. And each episode holds a little lesson of some sort, whether learning about Winston Churchill or Vincent Van Gogh, there is always something interesting going on.

$PullQuote$There is a whole world of serious Dr. Who fans out there too, just like Tori and all you have to do is type in Dr. Who on a search engine to find an amazing assortment of sites dedicated to the Dr. Who series. From clubs, trivias, videos and even games, it is a genre in itself. This is a series that is full of action and will completely pull you in. Give it a try, aren't you in need of a Doctor?

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Kajack by Kajack | MOODY, AL
Jan 14, 2012

We have been watching since the series revived, have seen seasons 1-4. Looking forward to season 5 on netflix!

Easy2Save by Easy2Save | LEBANON, OR
Dec 07, 2011

We watch BBC and have watched Dr. Who a few times it is an interesting show.