Is There a Shelf Life on Nail polish?

AuttyW By AuttyW 09.15.12
Is There a Shelf Life on Nail polish?
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 I have always thought that nail polish would last forever and not go bad but I was wrong. The FDA does not designate the shelf life of nail polishes, instead they leave it up to the companies. Typically a nail polish can last from 18 to 24 months if they are kept in a cool dark place. You can however use the nail polish LONGER than 24 months if it has not gone bad.

It is easy to tell if your nail polish has gone bad then to simple toss it after 2 years. Especially if its one of those expensive bottles! There is one pretty easy way to know if you nail polish has gone bad though!

The texture of your nail polish is a dead giveaway if your nail polish has gone bad. If your nail polish has gone thick and gloopy and basically very hard to manage, then more than likely your nail polish has gone bad. When a nail polish has gone bad, it becomes very very hard to make an even coat that does not come out looking clumpy. 

Here are some of my tips that you can do to make your nail polish last forever, if you do take particular care of your bottles. 

  1. Store them in a cool and dark place
  2. Clean the necks of the bottle with acetone. (Nail polish remover)

It really is that simple to help keep your nail polish lasting for a long time, possibly FOREVER! (If you don't use it up by then!)

Do you have any beauty tricks to share?  How long does your make up usually last?

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  • SiLvEr-StArS By SiLvEr-StArS

    Ive honestly had nail polish for many years, sad to say lol. And if the polish itself is thick and all yucky. I add alil' bit of nail polish remover. Then shake it all up. It truly works like a charm, it's alot better then throwing or wasting your $$ away ;)

  • JuliaSpeaks By JuliaSpeaks

    I'm a nail junkie and my polish lasts as long as I make it last! I often use it up in under a year (I told you I love polish), but it never goes bad. It can get a bit thick, but I usually add a drop or two of acetone, and it'll last a bit longer.

  • Brooke1212 By Brooke1212

    Great Tip.

  • Valens By Valens

    Thank you for your tips!! I try to store my nail polishes away from the sun and if they have a box I let them inside. Another thing I do is rolling each bottle between my hands instead of shaking them, I try to do it as many time I can. I hate when a nail polish component starts to separate :(

  • QueenOfPlastic By QueenOfPlastic

    I used the acetone only to find that the nail polish doesn't dry as well and the polish on my nails always seem to remain tacky. So I just tend to shake them up a bit every few months & this seems to help extend their life a little longer.

  • SiLvEr-StArS By SiLvEr-StArS

    I have nail polish for alot more then 2 years. But babsywabs* took the typing right out of my fingers LoL. When the polish is kinda thick, just add some nail polish remover to thin it out. It does Work! ;)

  • baby_boricua07 By baby_boricua07

    nice tips thank

  • Loren86 By Loren86

    I usually just add a little nail polish remover and shake the bottle.

  • countrycass21 By countrycass21

    I still have nail polish and makeup since probably over 5 years ago. Guess I need to clean them out. Thanks for the info

  • fab4life By fab4life

    I have never thrown nail polish away..hell my mom still has an awesome red from 10years ago. Shake it up for 5 min and good to go.

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