Is Your Meat "Pink Slime" Free?

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Is Your Meat

“Pink slime” may sound more like something from science-fiction, but if you’re keeping up with the headlines you know the term is in reference to what’s found in a lot of the ground meat we are consuming today. Since pink slime (the left-over trimmings from the cow that butchers usually toss out) is so cheap, fast food joints, grocery stores, and school lunch programs have been using it for a while and the government claims it is safe to eat. But others disagree and want the slimy stuff off the market.

A recent report from NPR’s All Things Considered discusses the movement to take the so-called “lean, finely textured meat” off the menu. Thousands of people are stepping up to sign a petition urging the government to stop endorsing pink slime.

What’s so bad about the pink stuff? About a year ago food revolutionist Jamie Oliver offered a very informative segment on why we should steer clear of the pink slime.

And investigative reporter, Michael Moss, warns that since pink slime comes into contact with the cow’s hide it is in greater danger of contamination from forms of E. coli.  Since there is no way of telling if your ground meat contains the pink slime, you can be sure of a cleaner cut by having your butcher grind and package your meat right in front of you.

Does the idea of meat containing this "pink slime" worry you?

How do you make your meat purchases?

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  • savedbygraceblog By savedbygraceblog

    The "pink slime" doesn't worry me as much as the chemicals used to process it does. "pink slime" is just what we normally wouldn't find visually appealing, but is safe to eat. For instance, I make chicken stock using the carcass. I boil it, so the gelatin in the carcass comes out into the stock. It is completely safe to eat. What isn't safe is all the over-processing and chemicals.

  • aungelique By aungelique

    I meant pink slime free meats. ooops

  • aungelique By aungelique

    i worry about what i'm eating often. A grocery store named Fresh&easy had a promotion that they would take competitors ground beef and exchange it for there pink slime meat. I think that was a great idea. I'm happy that I don't eat beef or pork. However i'm still concerned with chicken and fish. My question is who in the heck thought of pink slime in the first place. I'm wondering if the pink slime that seems to be everywhere possibly be the underlying reason for so many health problems in children??? Since its washed or processed with ammonia. That's food for thought.

  • vic785792 By vic785792

    It makes me want to become an Piscivore

  • darlyn63 By darlyn63

    A lot of things worry me, when it comes to food. What are they really putting in, why, the hormones so many thoughts. I wonder and worry about the affects this has on our children. Some kids are growing up far to fast, by that I mean "Physical Bodies", young girls starting to mature, to me far too young. Some do not even understand, too young about the changes in their own bodies. Makes you really think, "Did growth Hormones", play a part? Now, who knows what about the Pink Slime and anything else we are not being told. What happened to "Real Food?"

  • centrej By centrej

    I would be more concerned about the regular packaging not labeling the ammonia used as a "process" because someone may be allergic. This is nothing new to me, people allow children to eat processed foods (corn dogs, chicken nuggets, etc.) all the time and it is PROCESSED with scraps just like pink slime. Jaime Oliver did a great job, he even showed that the kids still wanted to eat the processed items even after seeing the innards and everything goes in it. There is a lack of adults knowing how to cook, teach children about food, and what it looks like. Parents need to take responsibility and become informed. We have the internet! What is their excuse? Victory gardens may need to install in schools so they know what a tomato looks like and what foods are made with tomatoes.

  • ddawg1972 By ddawg1972

    I would like to think the meat sitting in my freezer is free of pink slime. We usually eat off of my husband's hunting trophies and eat a ton of venison. I don't believe the butcher puts this product in my meat.

  • mintmom By mintmom

    I am worried about this wnd it's disgusting to think about. Luckily my parents have their own beef and pork processed and share with my family. It's frustrating to find more and more dangerous things in our food. I often feel overwhelmed by what to buy my family that is safe and still buyer friendly.

  • jeep4me By jeep4me

    I have noticed the difference in meat that we found out came from Cargill, one of the makers of the "Pink Slime" and the ground meat we get from Costco. Walmart and Kmart both get their meat from Cargill and we have purchased it. When I have used the "PS" meat, my husband has disgestive issues, to put it in a polite manner. He does not have the same problems when we use the ground beef from Costco and our local market, who also does not use "Pink Slime" in their ground meat. So I know where I will be purchasing my ground beef from.

  • kitten08 By kitten08

    I am so glad we have our own grass-fed meat. We even have our own small business of grass-fed or pasture raised meats. The idea of "pink slime" is really unappetizing and not natural.

  • marypopin By marypopin

    It is so very wrong to not let people know that this is added to food. When I buy meat I want to pay for meat and not a cheap filler. It is also very very disgusting.

  • lattegrace By lattegrace

    This is so gross. I have no idea if my hamburger is pink slime free or not. :(

  • FreeNClear By FreeNClear

    I find myself saying this repeatedly - Thank God I'm a Vegetarian!

  • BlogbyDonna By BlogbyDonna

    I've thought for a long time now that the increase in cancers have a lot to do with the things put into our foods and the way our food is processed, etc. It's scary, really.

  • MomeeGina By MomeeGina

    This is gross and disgusting. This needs to be stopped. Makes me sick to think most of our children have been eating this.

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