Is Your Diet Killing Your Relationship?

   By drodriguez  Mar 08, 2012

A visit to your local grocery store will turn up a myriad of foods that are gluten-free, macrobiotic, dairy-free, whole grain, nut-free, vegetarian, cholesterol-free, etc. It is clearly a time when food comes in all varieties to suit a person’s ever-changing dietary needs. But with all of the different options and diets, cooking and eating together as a way to make your relationship stronger and bring you and your spouse closer together can become tricky.

A recent report from CNN discusses how diets can sometimes divide relationships. Psychotherapist, Karen Koenig, explains how food shapes the way we relate to others and can become an expression of our love. Koenig says, “How we feed ourselves and each other says a great deal about how we feel about ourselves and our loved ones.”

It is not surprising to hear that a person’s diet can affect a relationship, after all It is not at all rare to hear of a vegetarian who refuses to date someone who eats meat or vice-versa. But what if you find yourself in a long-term relationship or marriage where someone all of the sudden decides to change their diet in a dramatic way? Will the other partner have to change their diet as well or can they find a way to live together with different diets?

Do you and your partner have different dietary needs?

Tell us how you make it work!


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threeheartsrsh by threeheartsrsh | Conroe, TX
May 23, 2012

I have food allergies and other dietary restrictions, which are by choice. My husband (since1978) chose to give up certain foods and will tell you that he never misses them. He has certain restriction due to health. I buy low sodium foods for his sake. I put NO salt into the cooking pot. My son and I (we both have very low blood pressure) can salt our food on the plate. Did you know that you cannot taste the salt that is cooked in? Frozen meals always taste so 'unsalted' but are often extremely high in sodium. We accommodate each others needs and remain flexible. As with all things in a marriage, it takes work. Marriage is not for the faint of heart. You have to want it badly enough to bend. If you want your own way 100% of the time, stay single.

Elayne by Elayne | LAIE, HI
Mar 10, 2012

I have had trouble in the past with dieting, because my husband was always trying to sabotage my efforts by offering yummies. Then he finally decided to buy a juicer. This is the first time we have been on the same page as far as dieting and both of us have lost weight and continue to enjoy juicing. He still eats his little extras, but I mainly stick to fruits and veggies.

laurensplate by laurensplate | NEW YORK, NY
Mar 09, 2012

I love food, and I'm a chef. However, I watch what I eat and like to stick to protein and vegetables and not toooooo many carbs. When I'm with my boyfriend, we like to share and try alot of different foods, the carbs are loaded up on the plate, I don't eat as fast or as much as my boyfriend and have learned to drink a big glass of water before we eat. It actually works for the weight and overeating.

noelrocs by noelrocs | LANCASTER, SC
Mar 09, 2012

my guy & I have been together for a while and I'm leaning towards becoming a vegetarian...I often will not cook meat at all... It has changed things a lot around here alot. Before, I would cook pot roasts, pork chops, and we grilled all the time! Now, I just do that stuff sometimes. I mostly use rotisserie chicken etc that I/he can put into zipper bags and freeze for future use. Dieting plan: I buy the healthier options: wheat bread, light butter, light cheese, light ice cream, baked chips, skim milk etc so no one feels deprived of anything. So, yeah, I think it could ruin a relationship if it was a big enough deal to the people involved. It's always hard to live together and mesh lifestyles together--relationships, family, friends, roomies, anyone. It's not impossible, though.

Mar 08, 2012

My boyfriend says he'll try anything once, but he is really picky. Plus, he will eat huge portions of sweets & fatty foods and drink super sized soda's. It makes it hard to eat right when he's eating like that in front of me, but I do my best.

perfectmorphine by perfectmorphine | DORAL, FL
Mar 08, 2012

Ive had sometimes problems with my boyfriend because he likes to eat very unhealthy and ive gained weight since Im with him, but when ive traveled Ive lost weight. So, sometimes it brings problems because I tell him to help me with my diet but that means that he has to make a diet too because i cant eat a salad while hes eating pizza for example, or i cannot sit and watch how he eats some doritos and coke while we watch a movie....its hard to find a balance

nicolelibra143 by nicolelibra143 | CITRUS HTS, CA
Mar 08, 2012

My man respects my diet and backs me up on it 100%. He shops with me and if at times points out that I should over eat and cooks healthy meal for us. It is terrible to hear that someones type of diet could or would effect their relationship.