Need a Drink? Spray One On

   By drodriguez  May 08, 2012

Makers of a unique new gadget are hoping that the next time you feel like a drink you’ll reach for their alcohol spray in a bottle. Daily Mail reports about the latest innovation in alcoholic beverages called “Wahh Quantum Sensations” designed to give people that buzzed feeling in an instant.

A tiny dose of alcohol is delivered in a small hand held aerosol spray bottle. As soon as a single spray enters the mouth it gives you an instant drunk sensation, but not for longer as the feeling leaves and you sober up almost immediately after use.

The two American scientists who invented the product claim that the possibility of harm or accidents occurring while using the spray is limited because the drunk feeling is so fleeting, staying for only a few seconds. At first, the product will only be available in Europe, costing around 20 euros for one capsule containing 21 sprays.

Compared to your average drink containing 40 to 60ml of alcohol, the new spray contains a very small amount, only about 0.075ml per spray. The designers of the product are hoping that this will work in their favor, and consumers will find health benefits from consuming less alcohol to attain the feeling of drunkenness.

One designer, Philippe Starck, explains that they are still trying to figure out how the product will be used for good. Starck says, “The question is how to do good without doing harm. Wahh is an alternative that offers the idea of intoxication without its adverse effects.”

What do you think of this new alcohol spray being sold in Europe?

Do you think a product like this will be beneficial to users or is it more likely to be abused and cause harm?

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delilah1912 by delilah1912 | GALLATIN, TN
May 15, 2012

This product is absurd and will find its way into some kids hands to be abused. This product was developed by idiots for idiots.

lms605 by lms605 | MOBILE, AL
May 14, 2012

I drink because I enjoy what I'm drinking not for that minute of "drunk". I shall never forgo my carefully chosen drink and food combinations. I would maybe try this but I don't think it would be a regular purchase and it would never sway me from wine, beer, and cocktails.

trippinbugs by trippinbugs | FAIRPORT, NY
May 09, 2012

Definitely something that will be grabbed up by teens. Especially the ones who are experimenting, because it's going to be regarded as a "safe alternative." So you get the feeling without actually consuming alcohol, but it'll definitely make the kids want more. Which in turn, will have them turning to other sources to actually start drinking. Not a good idea. And, frankly, what adult would want to carry around a "moment of drunkenness" in their pockets.....when they could just go to the bar, or go home and enjoy a glass of wine? It's only a gateway....

WifeMomFriend by WifeMomFriend | Claxton, GA
May 09, 2012

I agree with the above comments that this will be a huge teen problem and probably even younger ages as well. Anyone that is wanting to feel drunk is probably going to use more than one spray at a time anyways. I personally have never heard the comment that the inventors are still trying to figure out what good the product will be! That statement alone is enough to question WHY they even invented it!

MomOfTwins by MomOfTwins | PITTSFORD, NY
May 08, 2012

I agree that this sounds like a mom of teens worst nightmare! After all, kids are ingesting hand sanitizer to get a buzz! They will figure out a way to overdose on this too....

AlainaB by AlainaB | Hayden, AL
May 08, 2012

I do not think this product is a very good idea, nor do I see the point! Who is going to be interested in buying it just to feel buzzed for a quick minute? Other than teenagers, that is. One of the designers mentioned in the article that they are still trying to figure out how the product will be used for good--well, I want to know what good could come of it? I do not see anyway it could be beneficial; it can't be used to help with addiction/alcoholism; it won't encourage less drinking; if anything it will make the user want to get even more alcohol to hold on to that buzz!! Hmm, so I guess I can see it being beneficial... for the designers wallets. As far as it being sold in Europe, I think the reaction will be the same regardless of where it is sold.

creesteenah by creesteenah | BURBANK, CA
May 08, 2012

I don't think this product will make much of a difference- good or bad for users. It seems rather useless, and I don't think many adults will be interested in actually using the product. In fact, I can see this becoming a teen craze.. which is concerning. Especially because the manufacturers are simply selling a moment moment of 'drunk' or a 'buzz' . It just isn't very appealing to me.