Is Coffee the New Cure-All?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Dec 10, 2012

Coffee lovers may have reason to rejoice and pour that extra cup with all the recent studies that suggest there are many positive health benefits to the beverage while most past studies outlining coffee’s ill effects are now being refuted. Benefits ranging from pain relief to a lowered risk of diabetes, coffee is now looking more like a cure-all than ever before.

The Atlantic’s recent report highlights some of the new studies that have come out over the last few years regarding the health benefits of coffee. Though the American Medical is careful to say that “moderate tea or coffee drinking” will not harm your health, Dr. Peter Martin, director of the Institute for Coffee Studies at Vanderbilt University, tells his patients to go coffee crazy if they’d like. Dr. Martin says, “What I tell patients is, if you like coffee, go ahead and drink as much as you want and can. If you drink that much, it's not going to do you any harm, and it might actually help you. A lot.”

Over the last several years new studies have suggested drinking coffee can provide a number of health benefits like protecting the liver, reducing type 2 diabetes risk, raising good cholesterol and lowering bad, preventing Alzheimer’s, work as a natural pain reliever, and even reduce the rate of depression among women.

So what is it about drinking coffee that is so beneficial to our health? In the past, the benefits have been thought to come directly from the caffeine content but many of the studies being released today test with both decaf and regular and see no major differences in outcome between the two. Dr. Martin explains, “Coffee and caffeine have been inexorably intertwined in our thinking, but truth is coffee contains a whole lot of other stuff with biological benefits.” It may be the plant phenols, chlorogenic acids, and quinides in coffee that act as antioxidants that are contributing to the health benefits of coffee consumption rather than just the caffeine.  But whatever the reason, coffee drinkers have reason to celebrate over a nice steamy mug.

What do you think of some of the latest findings suggesting drinking coffee can benefit your health in many ways?

Do you feel that your health benefits from drinking coffee daily?


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mara83 by mara83 | West Richland, WA
Apr 18, 2018

Yes coffee is beneficial if you drink normal doses. As everything in life if you overdo it will come back negative,

amanda7536 by amanda7536 | RUTLAND, VT
Jan 12, 2013

Oh and i forgot to add. I know it helps my mood when i have coffee everyday.

amanda7536 by amanda7536 | RUTLAND, VT
Jan 12, 2013

YES! I knew it. and people said its the reason im so short...

Chrildrensnookmama by Chrildrensnookmama | APPLETON, WI
Dec 18, 2012

I hope so too because coffee is my favorite daily treat!

thebeverlyhillsmom by thebeverlyhillsmom | BEVERLY HILLS, CA
Dec 12, 2012

I live on coffee no joke!

AuttyW by AuttyW | NEW PRT RCHY, FL
Dec 11, 2012

If that is all true, then my parents will probably live forever. They both drink coffee like it is going out of style. I think it would be a really cool, if that were really the case.

happytobeme70 by happytobeme70 | N HOLLYWOOD, CA
Dec 10, 2012

No way!

RedRobin75 by RedRobin75 | ORANGEVALE, CA
Dec 10, 2012

I hope so because it is the one thing that I will never give up. Yah! for Coffee.

kratzy by kratzy | Durham, NC
Dec 10, 2012

I love coffee in all shapes, forms, and sizes - so I am hoping that this research will hold up. I actually drink regular and decaf because for me my cup of coffee in the morning is my me time that means a break from all the things on my to do list and sitting for down a nice cup of liquid relaxation - so yes, coffee drinking helps me.

rstone215 by rstone215 | Stratford, NJ
Dec 10, 2012

Good news for me! I love coffee and drink it all day!