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  • Southernmotherky2 By  Southernmotherky2    

    I was lucky enough to see this one at a drive-in as a mother's day present. It was a great way to spend that night with my kids. The plot isn't deep but hey who wants that in a superhero movie? It was fun and had several moments of funny. The action scenes were good but a bit predictable.

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  • caligirl4ever By  caligirl4ever    

    I love Iron Man and 2 was just as good!

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  • mscupcakegirl By  mscupcakegirl    

    Loved this movie. It was just as good as the first one and I was not disappointed by the storyline or the performances of the actors. Love Rober Downey Jr. in both the first and second Iron man.

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  • MadHatter By  MadHatter    

    very action packed, watched it in the teathers.

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  • joy9281 By  joy9281    

    The movie was pretty good and actually held my attention even though I went for my husband.

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  • adegothseir By  adegothseir    

    This movie was great. They kept up with the first movie very well.

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  • andieangel3 By  andieangel3    

    My husband & I loved this movie! I wouldn't recommend taking younger children to see it though - too much violence for the young ones!

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  • nwhite1275 By  nwhite1275    

    this movie was very good, lot of action and new actors in this, it was a little long but at the same time it had you glued to the screen, this was also much better then the first I think anyone will like this movie from a 7yrold to a 76 yrold haha

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