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  • LuckyBobtail By  LuckyBobtail    

    Love the flavor but is a bit too sweet while keeping a good ratio so I brew my coffee extra strong to help lessen the sweetness.

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  • vlantrip By  vlantrip    

    I typically do not use creamer in my coffee. I tried this one because of everyone around me talking about how good it was. I absolutely loved it. It was a little too sweet but the flavor was amazing. The problem I have now is that I cannot find it anywhere. I have checked all my local grocery stores.

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  • LTerry By  LTerry    

    Much too sweet. I am a coffee drinker from dawn to dusk, I love strong coffee, but I do use creamer.. I prefer a creamer that isn't overbearing in the coffee, best flavor by International hands down is the Southern Pecan

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  • mystienyght By  mystienyght    

    Good creamer, but entirely way to sweet. Less sugar would make it perfect. Until they use way less sugar I'll stick to good ol' original creamer without flavorings.

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  • SilverButterflies By  SilverButterflies    

    My absolute favorite creamer. I will drive out of my way to buy this creamer. I will have to buy it in a qty of 6 in order to have it on hand for 2 months at a time but it doesn't expire for awhile and I do recommend it to EVERYONE.

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  • maryjones7 By  maryjones7    

    We like this creamer because it has better (healthier) ingredients than other brands. Comes in enough flavors so one will certainly please any taste bud!

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  • Shazza210 By  Shazza210    

    Wasn't one of my favorite coffee creamers but wasn't too bad.

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  • buteeful By  buteeful    

    International Delight creamers as a whole are good, but when you combine white chocolate and Macadamia you cannot go wrong. This would be a time in which I would be having coffee with my cream. If I did not look or feel weird I would have the creamer by itself.

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  • hannahpalmer18 By  hannahpalmer18    

    Prettty good creamer. Most all the international are good. IF you like flavored creamer this is a great one to give a try. International is usually pretty on spot making the the creamer taste like the real thing.

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  • Bevybat By  Bevybat    

    I just bought this creamer and now whenever I have coffee this is the creamer I want with it. its smooth and great flavor. I love this flavor creamer because I never have to add and sugar to it.

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  • gloriarr By  gloriarr    

    I don't use this as I am a diabetic, but my daughter loves it. She uses all the time, especially this flavor

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  • deborahdreher By  deborahdreher    

    I love this flavor. International Delights are real sweet, so I always use a 1/2 milk and 1/2 creamer and no sugar. makes coffee a great morning treat.

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  • BresBaubles By  BresBaubles    

    Not my absolute favorite of this brand because it has a lot of different elements in it and is a little overwhelming and sugary. If you like that, then you'd love it.

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  • aniam03 By  aniam03    

    I cannot go a day without drinking coffe - or a day without having International Delight creamer in my coffee. From Belgian White Chocolate Macadamia to Hazelnut, you have to try them all. Nothing better starts your day than a cup of warm sweet goodness in the morning.

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  • Von411 By  Von411    

    Love the flavored creamer. I like the hazelnut the best. Sorry...

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