Instyler The Rotating Iron

Instyler The Rotating Iron

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Ouch I received as a gift. Straightens your hair but not sure what the big hype is. It works as good as a 15$ straighter. Also you burn easy with this

OUCH!!! I don't consider myself to be tender headed but this thing was torture for me.... felt like my hair was being ripped from scalp. Not a fan!!

Great combo flatten and curl styling tool. It's expensive but worth it.

I have seen this on tv before and I'm thinking about buy one

I was really impressed with this tool, but my friends all loved it and used it to straighten their hair.

I have to say I do not like this product. It did nothing for my hair. I have very tight curs and it claimed to work with all hair types but it didn't do that for me, so it was a big disappointment.

My friend has this product and I had been dying to dry it ever since seeing the commercials a long time ago. I finally tried it, now I have naturally curly hair so I was skeptical that it would work as well as they made it seem, but sure enough it did! I only had to run it through the area of hair 2 times tops and it was nice and straight!! I love it! I hope to one day have my own!

i love this i dont have one of my own but i used a friend of mine at a dress up party i used it and it works grate on my hair its amazing

It's really great, I have curly hair so it doesn't get to my root like i want it to but i love using it to make my hair straighter and bouncy!

I felt that this product works well. The commercials always make products seem like they're the best in the world. It does straighten my hair but i think i prefer the traditional ceramic flat iron. For curling purposes it doesn't give me the results i was looking for

Worked so great on my hair and really improved the health of it!

I don't get it. I consider myself pretty coordinated, but it didn't work on my hair. I thought maybe you had to have a special hand movement. I tried it on my daughter's hair, and I still got no where near the results shown in the advertisements. I'll stick with my flat irons. =(

I am still kind of on the fence about this. I got it as a christmas gift. The first time I used it, I burned my forehead, like, BAD. So I am still kind of afraid of it. But, I am really impressed with the quality of it, since it is an "as seen on tv" product. After using it for several months, I really do like it. However, I only have about shoulder length hair, so it is hard for me to get a nice curl with it because the barrel is so large. I think I will like it even more once my hair grows out some.

I tried this product after seeing a demo on tv. When I got it home it was very cumbersome to use. Maybe there is a large learning curve but I will no continue to use my flat iron and curling iron over this product

Where would I be without this iron! I absolutely love this. It cuts down a whole amount of time when I am trying to get my hair back to straight. I would choose this over a flat iron any day because the brush helps straighten and detangle my hair. My hair is so straight after I use this, I am completely in love. Its worth the amount of money for this item