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  • sykick By  sykick    

    Absolutely loved

    These are what got me interested in using a menstrual cup. There's a learning curve to using them, but once you take a little time to figure out how to insert and remove them, they're amazing! They can last all day or all night without any leaking or odors.

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  • Unicornmomma By  Unicornmomma    

    This was the first type of cup i had ever tried and it was ok in my opinion. It definitely took a few times before I got the hang of putting it in but i still seemed to feel it while i was wearing it. As ive seen with some other reviews, it was a little messy when removing. I ended up going back to tampons but i would like to find another one that works better for me.

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  • Brittany8977 By  Brittany8977    

    Takes a few trys

    I liked these took some getting used to but after that no problems. lasted all day could leave and forget. I love being able to have sex without the mess. If they don't feel comfortable a reusable might be more comfortable for you.

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  • Princessmyhand By  Princessmyhand    

    Loved them...just hard for me to find in-store!

    I tried these years ago...and loved them. I still love them to this day. They are comfortable and easy to use....The biggest Con is that they can be messy during the removal process... My only problem is finding them in-store where I live.

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  • Marissa1992 By  Marissa1992    

    Dont mind if I do!

    These work great for me! And while traveling these are a great diva cup alternative

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  • Easweetie131 By  Easweetie131    

    Perfect product

    I have used these for awhile now and I like the product. While it did take some time to learn proper insertion and removal techniques it's no different than when as a young girl learning how to use tampons for the first times... it's a technique and once learned it's not hard. I have a low cervix esp. During that time of the month and a tilted uterus and I am still able to use these products easily with no leaks.

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  • Raerae82 By  Raerae82    

    Love it

    I have used these for years. I love not having to worry about changing it every few hours. I love to use these when I am sleeping or swimming.

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  • mttclark2001 By  mttclark2001    

    Wanted this to work out but no. Gave it a shot for as few months but leaked every time I went to the bathroom. At the end of my cycle was painful on the cervix as it shifted. Went to a cup and problem solved.

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  • LuckyBobtail By  LuckyBobtail    


    But it's messy on removal. The shape is very similar to diagrams so one size does not fit all. I found it a tad uncomfortable since it was just a bit too large so it wasn't for me.

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  • jessicady1 By  jessicady1    

    I love these. They are so easy to use and holds all day long . Easy mess free change and you can even change them in the shower !

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  • LadyGodiva87 By  LadyGodiva87    

    I wanted so badly to like this product. When reading about it, it seemed like a good product. However I found it to be a bit tricky to insert properly, not like a tampon at all. The one good quality that I will give is that I didn't experience any leaks while wearing it. Removal was a nightmare. It was a Sunday night and my gyno's office was closed. My boyfriend was out of town and I'd already grossed out my mom and best female friend by asking for their help. I ended up going to the ER and the ER nurse that removed it had a hard time, too. It turns out that I have a tilted cervix. I guess that it's not Instead Softcup's fault that I have weird anatomy that's not suitable for usage of their product. I would never use one again though.

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  • graysongirl By  graysongirl    

    I've been using these for a year now, and because I have a heavy flow, I make sure to use a pad just in case. I use gloves to take them out since it's a little messy. I have to say this is the best idea yet. They're so comfortable. I've never really used tampons, except for the Pocket Pearl, and I still think the Soft Cups are winner. I wonder what's better the Soft Cups or Diva Cups?

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  • AuntTee By  AuntTee    

    Ok. Ok. 5 stars, yes! The cup takes a bit of getting used too. Just to warn you! Trust me though ounce you get the hang of placement you'll never want to go back to tampons! Seriously that good! You can swim, run, and also have intercourse while wearing these. Also, they only need changed every 12 hours (based on your flow).

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  • samanthalee139 By  samanthalee139    

    I love these. I have used them for years. It seems awkward the first couple of times using it (no different than getting the hang of using tampons). As long as you squeeze it together before you put it in it does fit well regardless of its large size. It seals itself in place so that you don't have to be worried about whether or not it is in the right position and they are the best for sleeping! The only times I've had discomfort with these would be laying down with my back propped up but to sleep these are awesome! I've always had issues with sleeping while on my period because of leaking but these prevent that completely and give me a full nights rest without waking up with any mess.

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  • PrincessPeach By  PrincessPeach    

    I found these at walmart while looking for tampons and was intrigued. I found them easy to insert and remove and loved not needing pads or tampons.

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