Ingles Grocery Store

Ingles Grocery Store

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Friendly staff First time shopping here and it was nice. Every member of staff were courteous and helpful.

I don't have this store where I live but when I am on the other side of the state I make it a point to go before my trip home to stock up on everything I can on get there.

I love my local Ingles store. It is the nicest store in town. It has the best selection and has a great lay out. I wish the prices were lower and I would shop there more often,

Ingles is the closest store to us, and I only go there when I need something QUICK for a dinner, or just need to pick up a few small things. The GOOD thing about Ingles is their advantage card and the fact that there specials most weeks are way BETTER than the coupons that I have. So I get those there and go elsewhere (Walmart) for the rest because they have much more reasonable prices on the things that I buy for my family.

I shop at Ingles often. I buy the specials ONLY almost every week. Their regular prices are too expensive. They are sometimes 50 to 75 cents higher on each regularly priced product. But their special are very competitive and they usually have a large quantity. I have found Friday Morning they always put out more product so they have plenty for the weekend customers.

Ingles is a southern grocery store that is like most small grocery store chains ok for what it is but some of the store policies are not customer friendly. Until last year Ingles was basiclly our only choice in a "Big" grocery so they tended to be higher in price and lower on quality. Now that we have a Super WalMart they have come down considerably updated the store and added a larger variety of foods. The biggest complaint with Ingles is that they do not like coupons. or at least the store where I shop does not. They do double coupons but that is based on how much you spend and they have limited the number of internet and even manufacturers coupons you can use now. With the economy like it is today most stores are embracing the money saver and coupon users while Ingles is going backwards. I was told that different stores may have different coupon policies but still.