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  • McSpazz By  McSpazz    

    Simple and easy.

    We loved ours and used it for both babies even loaned it out a few times. It was so cute, easy to store, easy to travel with, and easy clean up. I loved the simplicity of it especially since I make everything too complicated.

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  • sstory By  sstory    

    We loved this mat. The pillow that comes along with it is a little flimsy but aside from that, the other toys that hang are great to take off and carry for "to go" toys.

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  • dreamwings84 By  dreamwings84    

    My boys both loved this play mat when they were babies. The different shapes, textures, and activities kept them busy and entertained. I would highly recommend this to anyone. The mirror is distorted but otherwise this is a great mat.

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  • Larxene By  Larxene    

    My 3 month old twins have been using this since they came home with us. It is a very colorful mat with a lot of different patterns which keeps them looking around a lot. The pillow has been amazing because they don't like to lay down on their backs or tummy without it. There are some straps on it that we have never figured out the purpose for. Additional links are needed if you want the toys to be in reach of your baby early on. The mirror image is distorted but it hasn't stopped my babies from obsessing over it. The music that comes from the elephant is great, but having to velcro the elephant onto one of the bars can be a bit of a pain.

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  • aliciadean3 By  aliciadean3    

    This great to have for your infant and can be used for many months.

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  • corabishop By  corabishop    

    Entertains baby for a good amount of time.

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  • txstatekita By  txstatekita    

    My son loves this! Also this is a very esy product to set up and take down even with a baby in your arms :)

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  • carrieeck By  carrieeck    

    Love this for tummy and back time everyday

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  • abn81485 By  abn81485    

    My mom had this at her home for her grandchildren. I have to say, my son enjoyed hers way more than the ubber fancy and pricey Fisher Price one we had at home. Great colors and removable toys. The tummy time pillow slipped around but it became a fun toy when the babies got older. Overall, a great find my grams!

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  • Cassrox By  Cassrox    

    My twin boys loved this activity mat when they were babies. It is very colorful & has different patterns that they lived to look at. The attachable toys were really cute too. I already owned extra rings so it wasn't a big deal to me that I had to add them for the boys to be able to reach the toys. The little pillow was helpful for tummy time & they loved looking at themselves in the mirror. All in all it's a great product which I plan to use for my newborn in a couple of months!

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  • swankysuey By  swankysuey    

    We found that this was a good play mat (easy to fold), but honestly there are straps on the mat that we couldn't figure out what to do with. The pillow didn't help us at all and didn't attach to the mat. You also need additional "links" if you want your baby to be able to reach the toys you hang from the top. We didn't use the mirror because it gave a totally distorted image.

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  • sonya_leigh15 By  sonya_leigh15    

    My 10 week old absolutely loves this gym. She is totally entertained by this gym when she is laying on her back trying to grab the toys. She loves looking at the mirror at herself. The toys are all removable and the mirror also works in her crib. It includes a little pillow for tummy time too. Sometimes she stops playing with the toys and just looks at the monkey and starts smiling. She loves this toy! I'm giving 4/5 stars because the toys have to be on a certain way to be able for the child to see the front (design) of the toys. Only one toy has a design on the back that is interesting for the child to look at.

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