Folgers Iced Mocha Donut Delight (Using K-cup Pods!) #ButFirstFolgers

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jun 09, 2016

We love iced coffee. We love donuts. We rejoice when the two meet. 

With summer time heat in full swing, why not treat yourself to an Iced Mocha Donut Delight? We used our Folgers Keurig coffee cups to create an exciting, quick and instagram-worthy treat that definitely tasted as delicious as it looks. Follow our simple recipe & try it yourself at home for entertaining guests or just as a special drink when you need a sugary pick-me-up in your life!

Folgers Iced Mocha Donut Delight - 2 servings

Ingredients: ice, k- cup pods, donuts, almond milk, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, whipped cream, straws

  1. Brew up a cup of Folgers coffee using a Keurig (we used Black Silk and 1/2 Caff.) 
  2. Place it in the fridge until cool 
  3. Pour half the cool coffee in another cup
  4. Fill both cups with ice and drizzle a little chocolate syrup on top
  5. Add coffee, almond milk, and more chocolate syrup (of course!)
  6. Add whipped cream, sprinkles, and straw in each cup
  7. Top it all off with a donut of your choice 
  8. Take a picture to share on social media with the hashtag #ButFirstFolgers and enjoy with a lucky friend!

We believe that everyone deserves a treat once in a while. Satisfy your sweet morning cravings with this super hero of a coffee treat. Get creative & substitue our ingredients with some flair of our own! Let us know in the comments below how it goes! 

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KasperGrl by KasperGrl | Villa Rica, GA
Feb 08, 2017

What a nice treat! :)