Iams Proactive Health Adult Indoor Weight & Hairball Control

Iams Proactive Health Adult Indoor Weight & Hairball Control

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Healthy and tastes good My cat loves this food and it's healthy for her. It's been our brand since she was born.

Works for Milo I have the regular version of this food and it works fine for my cat. Lucky for me he is not a picky eater ;)

My two cats have been fed Iams Proactive Health Adult Indoor Weight & Hairball Control since they stopped eating kitten food, and have had no complaints (other than insistent meows when their bowls were getting empty and in need of refill). They are both at a healthy weight, next-to-never had hairballs in over five years, and have gorgeous glossy coats that I've never seen with past cats that received poorer quality cat food.

Our cat didn't really like this food, but he did drop a little weight which is what I thought he needed to do.

This is the kind I use with my kitty. we use the indoor, and we have had less hair balls. Otten my store has them as BOGO too, so I stock up.

My cat at first didnt want to eat this brand but now he like to eat.. But have to say it make his bm smell..

I love this product and it's the only thing I buy for my two cats! Since switching to this brand, I have noticed my cats don't have as many problems with hairballs.

I have been feeding my cat the Adult Indoor Weight & Hairball Control Iams formula for at least 6 years now. I can say that it does prevent the hairballs, definately. She digests the food very well and seems to like the taste because she eats it all up. My cat is a lazy girl so she is a bit overweight. This food has not controlled that. Its a high quality brand and me and my cat recommend it. Its a bit expensive but there is usually a coupon for it in the Sunday papers.

Works great... Really helps with the hairballs that my long haired cat has had in the past. Not to mention it helps control the weight too... Overall a great product.

My cat has a tendency toward constipation, due to hair getting clogged up in his system, so I decided to try mixing in with his other food some Iams Hairball/Weight Control formula. (He needs the weight control part, too!) It seems to be helping to keep him more "regular." And he seems to like the taste. It's a little expensive, but not as much as some brands. And it's easily available in stores.

THis is the primary brand that I buy for my cats. If I ever switch brands sue to this one not being available..I find hairballs all over. Love this cat food!

I have a long haired cat. With other cheaper brands of food, my cat would constantly cough up hairballs. With Iams, he has a lot less hairballs than before.