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   By rosepowell  Sep 26, 2011

I've learned that in life there are many opportunities available to me, if I can think it, if I see it, I can achieve it. But in order to achieve any goal or obtain any opportunity, I have to believe that the opportunity is right for me, I have to believe in myself and have the confidence to "expose" myself. You're probably scratching your head, wondering, "what is she talking about?", what I am referring to is the thoughts I've been thinking, the conversations I have in my mind that make me back away from an opportunity. What are opportunities, opportunities are job opportunities, education opportunities, writing opportunities, business expansion opportunities, creative opportunities, weight-goal achievement opportunities, you see, everything you encounter is an opportunity.

The #1 reason I don't achieve my goals is discipline, but with discipline comes my self-talk, self-talk can either make or break you. My self-talk tells me so many things, like you can't do, you don't qualify, you don't have the nerve, she won't talk to you, you can't complete this task,  you're not pretty enough, and without fail, I listen and I give up on my goal, no matter how large or small it is. Its that negative voice inside me that makes me back down and take the back seat to my life.

I'm writing today to #1 call my negative self-talk out of the darkness and bring it into the daylight, but not just for me, but for each and everyone of you who have talked yourself down or out of a situation, opportunity,  or shoot an outfit! The only way to achieve is to believe. Believe in yourself, teach yourself to love yourself, respect yourself and get rid of that negativity that speaks volumes in your mind, because the only person who is affected by it, is you! So stop with the negative comments, the tears, the anxiety, start pumping yourself up!

Today I'm hearing " Gosh Rose, you are a fantastic writer, people are going to be interested and inspired by your content", and there's that small voice that says, no one will like it, don't write about that, who is going to want to read your post, and I'm telling that girl to BE QUIET!

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gwenparrish by gwenparrish | MABLETON, GA
Sep 26, 2011

Thank you for your post Rose! I have been struggling with this same self-talk. I recently started my own business and daily I have a self-talk battle. The struggle between believing in myself and allowing my self to dream and then the negative nancy voice that tells me im crazy and wont succeed. I think so many women out there struggle with this self-talk and we need to hear more of the I CAN DO IT AND IT WILL WORK self reminders! Thanks Again for this post it reminded me Im not alone!

jemappel by jemappel | Rye Brook, NY
Sep 26, 2011

Rose, you are a fantastic writer and I am inspired by your post! :-) And, thanks to your post, I'm going to squash my negative "small voice" today, too. Thanks for sharing your experience, because it's true that many of us have negative soundtracks playing in our heads, and we're so used to it that we don't even realize how we're preventing our own successes.